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Leather or Metro Helmets???

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  • Leather or Metro Helmets???

    hey all. Well, I've been trying to decide wether to stay with a metro or buy a leather helmet. I like the way the leathers look and how they sit on your head, I was just wundering what everyone else thinks. Thanks!!

  • #2
    Well, if you like the looks of the leather, but don't want the weight, I recommend the Morning Pride Ben Franklin. I have one, and I'll never give it up. It looks exactly like a leather, (unless you get another color besides black) Of course, if you don't mind the weight, and paying 400.00, go for the leather.

    Neptune 33


    • #3
      I have two words for ya "LEATHER FOREVER"

      The opinions and questions presented here are my own, and not those of any organization that I belong to, or work for.


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        I have a Cairns 1010 currently. I love it! It has the look of the leather, but doesn't weight as much. It is a traditional style helmet, which is the only kind of helmet I will wear. I have the faceshield on mine, but if you look at my post titled, goggles/bourke's/faceshield, you'll see that I am going to change it. I highly recommend the 1010. It sits on my head very nicely, although the backend wobbles a little bit. It is considerably less than a leather. You can get it for about $200. If you want to go with a leather, I would check out the Paul Conway Leather, it is the cheapest one out there, and I hear it is pretty good. Leathers range in the $400 price range, while the pleathers(plastic-composite-fiberglass) helmets are in the $200 price range. I would recommend you get a pleather first, to make sure you like the traditional style after you use it a bit, and then get a leather, because that is a lot of money. If you have any more questions, contact me via one of the methods in my signature.

        Take care/Stay safe,

        Joe E. Thomson
        [email protected]
        AOL IM: FireCadet613
        ICQ# 30864971

        May our thoughts and prayers forever be with the Worcester 6 and all our brothers and sisters who make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.


        • #5
          I agree with my fellow New Englander...LEATHER FOREVER!!!!!


          • #6
            Don't even ask a question like that! LEATHER ALL THE WAY! Neptune has a really good point though. The Ben Franklin is lighter, and looks very close to being leather, AND, if you get promoted and have to change colors, you can send it back and they'll put a new "color covering" on it. I used to have a 1010, which is currently the standard issue helmet on our department, but traded up for the Sam Houston. Leather Forever!

            Take care, stay safe, & stay low.



            • #7
              Hey Ford45, I can understand the decision you are trying to make. My dept. recently purchased new gear and I specified the 1010's as the new helmets over the metro style. Since the new lids have come in, I get nothing but thanks from all the guys. They absolutely love them in comparison! Especially since we are the only dept. in the area that wears traditional stly helmets. On a personal note, though, I just recently purchased a Paul Conway leather for myself and have nothing but compliments for it! The weight isn't too bad compared to the 1010's, but there is something in the old saying, "LEATHER FOREVER!!!"

              Be safe, have fun!
              Capt. Clay


              • #8
                My next "brain bucket" will be Leather!!!

                Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting our tomorrows....
                Captain Gonzo


                • #9
                  Any other views on the Paul Conway leather helmet (good or bad). I know it will be easier on my wallet, but will it be as good for my head as the Cairns.


                  • #10
                    I'll have to stick with the New England contigency, LEATHER, I went through the JR. Ranks with the Bullard Firedome, or as I like to call it the SALAD BOWL DOME. Make sure you get the goggles, I keep mine in my pocket until I need them so the lenses stay clean, and I got the Bourke Shields on there because as i've said before, they just look funny without them. Stay safe and have a fire!



                    • #11
                      I'll begin this by saying that, along with most of the New England contingent, I wear a leather Cairns and have for 10 years. What I'm wondering, and I know this is a little off thread, but what do you all think about the "rescue" style helmets. I'm thinking about getting a Cairns w/out the tail to use for for extrication purposes. What does everyone think? Anybody have one, use one? Its just that my leather gets heavy, and usually ends up on the roof, where it does my melon noooooo good.



                      • #12
                        Bought my first leather 25 yrs. ago and have never regretted it. In those days you'd have been totally embarrassed and laughed out of the firehouse if you came in wearing one of those "salad bowl" helmets. I think it cost a whopping $100 or so then. It's on the shelf now, replaced by an newer one that's compliant with all the latest legalese...funny, I don't ever remember hearing of any deaths or injuries attributed to the old style lids but anyway... Leather Forever!

                        "We don't go to work, we go to war."


                        • #13
                          if you get promoted and have to change colors, you can send it back and they'll put a new "color covering" on it.

                          How do you have this done?

                          Neptune 33


                          • #14
                            There's an option to wearing LEATHER? I didn't know there was anything but leather. Sorry...I wasn't aware.

                            Leather Forever Bros.

                            Firefighters....We're Risk Takers, We're Heartbreakers.


                            • #15
                              Do you really need to ask?! Even though I don't have a leather YET go with a Carins Leather.

                              Leather Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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