Recently, I sent out a write up on the National Firefighters 9-11 Memorial Patch. In hindsight, it was probably much too long for this type of forum so I'd like to sum it up: This project is my little part in regards to the recent loss of so many of our brothers on 9-11. I still can't get the images of the WTC falling out of my mind and I'm pretty sure I will remember it the rest of my life. More importantly, I want to pay tribute where tribute is due and create unity among all firefighters by memorializing this event in FDNY's honor and giving every firefighter and EMS worker the opportunity to join me. This is what's behind the patch. Sure their may be better thoughts for designs or better people to market the project...but right now...I'm it and will do my best to make this successfull. Below, you will see the patch design (I hope--not a computer guru)Please consider spreading the word on this so that it can work nationwide. The cost of this patch is not cost prohibitive ($3) so that all may participate, however, it is enough to raise money as a fundrasier for the FDNY. Mailers with a patch example will go out to all your departments announcing the project by December 15th. Please look for them and support the project if you can. Thanks for your support!
Brett Hill- South Pasadena FD, CA.
[email protected]