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National Firefighters 9-11 Memorial Patch

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  • National Firefighters 9-11 Memorial Patch

    The brother hood of Firefighters across our country has been touched by the September 11th tragedy as no other group has. We, as members of fire departments, understand their sacrifice better than anybody else does because we live with that risk daily, and we accept it in the name of public service. From coast to coast, all fire department personnel have been deeply effected. Since that day, fire departments in America have received tremendous support, both emotional and financial, and we all appreciate this. We accept the praises of the public on behalf of our fallen comrades in New York with great pride and heartfelt sadness.
    It is also from within our ranks that we feel a need to not only vent our emotions, but also to honor our fellow firefighters and EMS personnel in a unified effort. The National Firefighters 9-11 Memorial Patch is an effort by firefighters for firefighters. It is our tribute, our tears, and our hope for tomorrow. The objective is to have this patch on the arm of every firefighter and fire department member in America as a constant reminder that we will never forget the sacrifice and these brave individuals who represent the best of what our profession is about.
    This concept was born in the mind of South Pasadena, California FF/PM Brett Hill. He noticed a need for a coordinated effort to show unity in our tribute and demonstrate to the public, the connection between all fire departments across America. The company that will handle production is owned by a former FF/PM. Together they designed the patch and the project. The patch has been designed with much thought and attention to symbolism. The firefighter in the center is large to represent all of us. He is not looking down, but rather ahead to symbolize our going forward from the tragedy. The New York skyline with the World Trade Center towers in the middle will speak to where these individuals gave their lives. The American Flag background shows more than the national spirit we feel, it represents a national fire department effort to pay respects, as if we were on large national department. It shows unity. The words, “We Will Never Forget,” were written on a huge banner that was hung on a building overlooking Ground Zero. It is clear that none of us will ever forget these heroes, but we want to make sure that their memory lives on in our minds as well as the public, and that their sacrifice is always remembered and honored. The detail and border are black to represent the profound loss that we feel. All together, this patch is our tribute.

    The more departments that participate, the greater the impact will be on our nation. The patch should be worn as a shoulder patch opposite your departmental patch. If your department has patches on both shoulders, it may be worn beneath your departmental patch on the left-hand side. This patch should be worn until 9-11-02, the first anniversary of the tragedy.

    These patches will be produced at a low cost (around $3) so that all may participate. The proceeds will be donated to The New York City Firefighters Widows and Children’s Fund. It is our goal to have all Fire Dept.’s wearing this patch before the end of 2001. It is important to note, this patch is not, and will never be available to the general public. This is not a souvenir and not just another piece for collectors. This is about us, and should remain between us. You will not see this design on T-shirts or bumper stickers. We want nothing to take away from its meaning.

    In the coming weeks, a sample patch inside a special mailer, will be sent out to each of over 28,000 Fire Departments via the Fire Chiefs. My intent with this forum, is to give some advance notice in hopes that each department can advise their Chief that this is not junk mail...make sure you ask them about it. I will check this forum as often as possible and respond to the best of my ability to your comments. This is for us...I hope you all join in this effort and truly make it a national success!

    Endorsements/ Publications:
    Fire Chief Richard Elliott- South Pasadena Fire Department
    South Pasadena Firefighters Local 3657
    Pasadena Star News- 11/16/01
    Daily News (Santa Clarita) 11/17/01
    JEMS FireRescue Magazine- December Issue
    CBS Channel-2

    VALENCIA, CA 91355

    IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS, PLEASE email: [email protected]
    (Patch design copyrighted)

    [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: Brett Hill ]


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