Although I do not remember your names I will always remember where we met. If you read this you may remember me. I was one of a group of firefighters who went to volunteer in New York durring the weeks that followed 9-11-01. We met on a dusty dark street looking at the rubble of the twin 110's. We all stood looking as the world seemed to stand still forever. We exchanged names and feelings as we walked closer and closer. We watched as groups of FDNY heros walked to and from ground zero never saying a word but most likely thinking of what brothers, friends, and family they may never see again. We stood in awe as we got the first glimpse of the first in units, mangled and pulverized from the falling buildings. We wondered who would ever want to do something like this as chills were sent up our spines by the roar of the jet engines from military planes covering the area. As we left ground zero I only remember pieces of the information you gave me on that little scrap of paper but I remember you told me that you were going on your honneymoon and you wanted to stop to see if you can help. Although I may not be the person directly affected by this I would like to say thank you. By you going to volunteer your time even on your honneymoon it truely shows what type of people you are and how much this tragedy has brought this country together. To all the emergency personel and workers who responeded to New York, the Pentagon, and Sommerset PA I am going to say the same thing my uncle told me when I returned home. He said, " Looks like you earned your ticket to heaven." and I believe that everyone who answered the calls has.