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National Firefighter's Day

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  • National Firefighter's Day

    (If you never received 14-yr-old Connor's plea for assistance in establishing a National Firefighter's Day, please let me know; I will be more than happy to e-mail it to you)

    I am posting this here, in case anyone has anything they need "checked out" by [email protected] . . .

    To Barbara and David P. Mikkelson, webmasters of snopes2.com, in response to your webpage listing young Connor's "National Firefighter's Day" letter as an "Urban Legend" :

    I have had several conversations with Connor Geraghty, before and since he started his e-mail campaign in honor of his father. I encouraged him to do something proactive, as he was feeling very low.

    Only because of my personal knowledge of him before the fact did I send his sweet letter on to the hundreds of firefighters' e-mail addresses I have, and they have forwarded it on to their lists.

    Tell me: since, by your very own admission:
    1. ...although a "National Firefighters Day" has already been "...proclaimed by Executive Order at least twice in recent years..." ('91/Bush, '93/Clinton), "...neither...established a permanent, annual day...";
    2. ...Connor's e-mail address is indeed still valid, and he IS still collecting the names;
    3. ...Connor is not the only one attempting to collect names for this specific, legitimate cause;
    4. "...concern over the recent anthrax mailings...e-mail and e-petitions may be the only way to go for now..."

    what possible impact could it have on your life if this young man continued doing this sweet mission to honor his father? Does it really bother you so much that he is not simply directing everyone to the website YOU refer everyone to? Just what interest do you possibly have in that website, that you would on one hand call Connor's e-mail an "urban legend," then turn around and re-direct everyone to a website, worded the very same and with the very same honorable effect in mind?

    A young man finds his own way to crawl out of the hellhole he and other victims' families were thrown into that day, and all you can do is create confusion and distract people? I sure hope you broke your arm patting yourself on the back for warning us all about how someone is trying to rip us off, establishing a National Firefighter's Day (really!! how dare they!!), especially since they are doing it outside the parameters YOU find acceptable. You apparently have decided it is your God-given right to ridicule and try to tear down something honorable just because YOU think it "probably won't" help.

    Gee, I'm glad we have people like you around. Maybe from now on, I should forward to you all the smut and junk I keep getting in my e-mail box . . . so you can check it out, and make sure EVERYONE is following YOUR parameters. We can't just let any 14-year-old send out e-mails in pursuit of honorable ideas and causes, just because they lost a parent in a terrorist attack.

    Carla Smith
    Dallas, TX
    [email protected]

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