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    May the road rise to meet you,
    Maythe wind be always at your back.
    And may God hold you always
    in the palm of His hand.

    (think I got that right...)

    We mourn with you for your loss. I'm one of the few lucky people in my age group (18-24) who have made it this far without losing a friend or classmate to a tragedy like this. Ashley left her mark on all of us, and we are that much better for it.

    Brendan McStay
    Cranston, RI


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      To the father of FIREFIGHTER 2000 I want to say I have read the posts of Ashley and would be PROUD to have a daughter as kind and thoughtful as yours was.

      All firefighters in the world look for the good things around them since we see so many bad things, your daughter was one of the GOOD. The thoughts and prayers of the Fire Service and our family's go out to you and your family. If there is ever anything you need, please remember we are here for you just like we were for Ashley.

      May God go with you

      Dave & Jayne


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        It saddens me to hear the news of Ashley's passing, and upsets me even more when I hear the cause. Ashley, although you may have never looked into the heart of a burning building, you truly saw into the heart of firefighting. You may have never worked to save a life, but you touched many lives through your actions. Your dedication and love for this wonderful occupation is what we, veterans and rookies alike, need to maintain. Whether you realized it or not, you were welcomed into a new family, one that has deep concern and compassion for each other. You said Firefighters are America's Heroes. Well, Ashley, because of your will and determination, you are a Firefighter's Hero.


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          my condolences and heart- felt sorrow goes out to you and your family, God bless!


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            The thoughts and prayers of my department go out to you in the loss of you r daughter. I have seen the emotion she had for the fire service and truly believe that inside, she was a firefighter. Our prayers will be with you and your family through this difficult time.


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              Sorry to hear that. My most heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family.

              From Explorer Post # 1075


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                My whife brought me to the computer today to show me just how many people have responded and it brought tears to my eyes thank you so much.

                What happened: Ashley went off to a firefighters meeting in the next town over and to see the guys there. It was about 9 o'clock and we thought that maybe she had gotten held up at the station. We knew she was safe cause she was with the guys and we trusted them. Then my whife saw a police car pull up. At first we thought something had happened at work( my whife is a cop ). Because we knew if something happend to Ashley the chief would have come. About the time I voiced that to my whife the Fire Chief's car pulled up. They informed us that Ashley had died in a car accident when she was hit by a drunk driver.

                Many have asked what ou can do to help so here is what we ask: Go home and hug your fam. tell them that you love them and don't let go. Call your parents tell them that you are ok we never stop worrying. For I know I will never have the chance to hug Ashley or see her graduate from the fire acd.

                Her goals were to become a firefighter and go on to Chief. She either wanted to work Dallas,Texas F.D, DFW airport fire station or work in New York F.D.

                Remember those you love for I will always remember Ashley every time I see a fire truck or fire news on the tv for I know she should be there.

                Alan Mitchell
                Ashley's dad

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                  Alan, I said it above and I meant it. I went home and hugged my kids eatra tight. I explained to my wife what happened not even 10 minutes ago. She too is deeply saddened by your loss. We deal with tragedy every day. It's not until it hits home that it hurts so much. I myself am recuperating from a near fatal MVA. I broke my neck in three places and my back in one. One step different and my wife would be a widow and my kids would be fatherless. That was a very strange, life-altering experience for me. I cannot claim to feel the same pain that you must be feeling. I just want you to know that there are many members of the firefighting family out there that truly, deeply grieve with you. I am an Ex-Captain and a current president in my department. There will be a moment of silence in Ashley's honor at our next meeting. I wish there was more I could say, or more that I could do.

                  Stay safe Alan. We do really care.


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                    From all the members of the Phoebus Volunteer Fire Company: We grieve with thee.

                    The Firehouse in Heaven

                    There's a firehouse in Heaven,
                    So I've heard them say.

                    Where everyone's on duty,
                    Each and every day.

                    When the alarm goes out,
                    They're the first to know.

                    Always first to get there,
                    Always do they show.

                    With each and every firefighter,
                    Quickly do they pair.

                    A Brother or Sister close beside you,
                    An Angel always there.

                    And in the smoke and heat,
                    You feel their presence near.

                    A feeling of confidence,
                    That helps calm your fear.

                    Occasionally they find someone
                    Whose heart is like their own.

                    And when the fire's done,
                    They carry them back Home.

                    Career or volunteer...
                    It matters not to them.

                    It's what you have inside,
                    That's what gets you in.

                    There's a firehouse in Heaven,
                    So I've heard it said.

                    Where all of God's firefighters,
                    Always have a bed.
                    (Author Unknown)

                    Ashley is not alone. She is in good company.

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                      Alan --

                      Thank you for taking the time to explain the situation. I appreciate the pain it must bring back to recount the story!!

                      At the present time, I am yet to have kids, but I took the long way home from work and stopped in to visit my parents last night. My dad had already read all of this and I think he knew why I was there as soon as he saw my truck pull up.

                      Again, my deepest sympathies to you and all those affected by the loss of your wonderful daughter Ashley.

                      May God bless you at this time of need!


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                        Even though I live so far away Ashley's death has touched me deeply. Her enthusiasm, her joy of life and her passion for a career serving the community are an inspiration and will be surely missed.

                        I am wearing the ribbons of rememberance in her honour.

                        Lt JJ Edmondson
                        Clyde Cardinia Fire Brigade
                        Victoria, AUSTRALIA

                        I walk where the fire dances

                        International Firefighters' Day:


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                          Mr & Mrs Mitchell,
                          I have been sitting here for the last 20 min trying to find words, any words. I want very badly to say something that might help you feel better, but I have seen this sort thing enough times to know that there are no words. Your daughter will be missed, and she will be remembered. We always remember our own. I will pray for you and for Ashley. God Bless.

                          Larry Boothby
                          Snorkel-13 A-shift
                          Local 1784


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                            Mr & Mrs Mitchell and Fellow Jakes
                            I have taken the liberty to make the following post on both the "Firehouse.com site comments" forum and "The Magazine" forum. Mr & Mrs Mitchell if I have overstepped myself please forgive me.

                            "This week we recieved notification on the firefighters forum that one of our forum members, Miss Ashley Mitchell (firefighter2000), was killed this past week by a drunk driver. Ashley was 14 years old and had stated that she intended to persue a carreer in the fire service. According to her parents she was killed either going to or comming from a fire department meeting.

                            I propose that Firehouse magazine and Firehouse.com use your considerable power and influence to establish a "firefighter2000" memorial fund in Ashleys name. This fund could be used to help fire and EMS explorer groups or to provide scholarship money to young men and women enrolling in fire science programs. Think of this as seed money to help build the fire service of the future. I believe this would be a fitting tribute to a young woman who's main desire was to become part of our profession."

                            Brothers and Sisters if you think this is a good idea, lend your support on one of the two sites I listed.

                            To the Mitchells: If I have overstepped please let me know at [email protected] and I will retract immediately.

                            Larry Boothby
                            Snorkel-13 A-shift
                            Local 1784


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                              I know what it is like sir and how tough it is my wife and little son where killed by a driver who fell asleep about 14 months ago,so
                              I share your pain.Please feel free to email me if there is any thing I can do for you.


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                                I am new to the forum, so I have not read your daughter's information, but I would like you to know that as a mother and a "little girl with a dream", I feel a deep sense of sorrow for you and your family.In reading the responses, I feel your daughter has had a huge impact on a lot of people and I hope that you know there are people all over thinking of you and wishing there were something they could do to ease your pain...

                                If you need anything...

                                Jenn Duerr


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