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What got You started in the Fireservice?

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  • What got You started in the Fireservice?

    I Just wanted to hear how people got started in the fireservice,ie:was it an uncle or maybe your dad that was or still is a firefighter that influenced you to do the same.Could it have been the t.v. show Emergency? Or the thrill of seeing those galliant firefighters on those big Red engines when you were a kid and wanted to be a part of them.Well here goes my story,when I was a kid my mom used to take me to the Vol. dept. in my town alot and show me the trucks. Then when we moved to the city she still cont. to take me to the fire station so I'd have to say it was her that influenced me to join the fireservice. So would you please be so kind as to reply.

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    I grew up around the fire service. My dad joined the local volunteer F.D. before I was born. As soon as I turned 18 I joined. Both my younger brothers tried it and didn't like it. After 10 yrs as a volunteer in a progressive paid/volunteer county system I moved and have been in the paid service ever since. 30 yrs and counting.

    And please, no paid/vollie bashing. I can argue both sides of the fence quite well.


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      When I was four years old, a friend of the family became involved in starting a new volunteer fire department in our neighborhood. I can remember my parents taking me to the one-bay garage to look at the hand-me-down pumper the men had been given by Village/Township Fire Department that was located on the other side of the township from where we lived (the new department became Station #2, but was really on its own since the Village did not want anything to do with them). Every year as I grew up, I can remember being with my parents when they attended the auction sales that the struggling little Station #2 used to support itself.

      When I turned 19 (the minimum age to join), it seemed natural to me to join. The auction sales had sputtered out, the friend of the family had retired and moved to Florida. All that was left to do was to become a part of it and support it that way.

      Once I became a member, I realized that I seemed to have some apitude for firefighting. I didn't care much for ladders, but had no problems doning an airpack and running in where people were running out (this was 1980, and SCBAs were still somewhat of a novelty and only used by the most aggresive interior attack oriented guys). So, I filled a void in the 20 member department that was aging and in need of young men.

      Like most others I am sure, it "got into my blood" and now I don't know if I can do without it. However, it is harder now to keep up with the training and attendance requirements. I just recently got my first verbal "warning" for failing to make the required 25% of the calls. It is not that I have been sluffing off, but the demands of my full-time job have put me in a position where I am just not home when the calls are coming in... So who know how much longer I can keep it up... I'll stay as long as they will kepp me I guess.

      Richard Nester
      Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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        My dad was the one who got me hooked. He was a volunteer firefighter for 20 years before he passed away. I grew up in the volunteer fire service, joining as a junior firefighter at age 14. Been in it for 10.5 years and have no intentions of quitting.
        (I'll probably try to get my kids into the fire service,also)


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          Some years ago, I walked into my area station to inquire about a code of some sort.It took the Fire Marshal a few minutes to reference it and run me a copy. In those few minutes, the sights, sounds, the people, I realized it held something for me.
          A few days later I went back for something else, and was making small talk with a few of them when they got toned out. I guess there was about ten on duty at the time. I stood and watched. It went from an ordinary, routine atmosphere, into a great burst of action in seconds. They came down the pole, they came down the stairs, vollies came through the back door and down into the bays.The doors came up, those big deisels fired, they emptied four bays worth of trucks and then they were gone. The sudden silence after all that was odd. I just stood there and took it in. I could smell the diesel fumes, and see their shoes in the floor.
          I joined as a volunteer the next day, a year and a half later I was hired full time. God willing, one day I will retire amongst some of the most honorable there is.
          Take care, stay safe.



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            I have always like fire. I am planning to join the fire service as soon as I am old enough. What got me hooked was when i lost my brother in the line of duty. He loved the fire dept. and so do I. But i guess my mom still needs to be worked on she would all but die before she lat me become a firefighter. But i really love it and I can't wait.

            Firefighters America's Hero's


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              simply put, its in my blood, my father is a career guy, I volunteered for the past five years and trying to get on as a career Firefighter....I can not fathom doing anything else, its a passion...


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                Well, I wish I could come thru with some great story of being inspired from family and friends or thru station visits but I can't.

                I am actually one of the people who were inspired by none other than Johnny Guage and Roy DeSoto of Station 51. I was born in the early 70's so Emergency was probably into re-runs by the time I was old enough to understand what I was watching on TV.

                As long as I can remember I have had the "dream" of being a Firefighter/Paramedic in the back of my head. I joined the local Volly Rescue Squad my senior year in High School (with a little arm twisting from a friend and then joined the VFD a few years later).

                Now - thanks to God and the support of my friends & family (who still debate my sanity at times *L*) - after almost 11 years of "coming up through the ranks" - as of August this year I completed my NREMT-P.

                Even though my career and personal life have led me away from it; I still have the desire to become a career Firefighter/Paramedic someday.

                Well as they say - "Thats my story and I'm stickin to it".

                Take Care - Stay Safe


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                  I started in the fire service 13 years ago and don't regrett it one bit, I was inspired by a friend who was on the local volunteer dept. Over the years I have been on several depts due to my military career, but have learned new techniques and experiences from each deptartment and also have realized no matter where you go there is a special bond better known as a brotherhood in the fire service.

                  these are my opinions and not any organization's


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                    Well who inspired me to become a Firefighter?It was ,like many people, my Dad he joined in 75 I was born in 80 and so needless to say I grew up at the Firehouse. Knowing all the guys riding the trucks in the parades having all your friends get jealous. Man it was a great thing. And when I was allowed to join in 98 it was the first thing I did on my birthday. Now my Dad and myself are in the same locker and we have more fun now than before.

                    The statements above are my own opinions

                    FF Greg Grudzinski
                    Oaklyn Fire Dept.
                    Station 18-3


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                      Well I been in the fire service for 4 and one half years. My dad vol but stopped in the early 90's due to health problems. So you can say thru the 80's I was always intrested in riding the fire truck!!!! Well when I turned 17 (16 min age for Junior firefighter) I got up enough courage to attened a meeting and join (was debating for a year). Well I did and NEVER LOOKED BACK. I had great teachers that showed me the way and in the summer of 1999 I decided that "history-government teaching" was not what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life, So I decided to become a Paid Fire Fighter. I enjoyed the fire service too much in what I did to help the community. I been out of the academy now for 6 months and I am looking for a job in a small-med size town in my area.

                      STAY SAFE

                      This is my opinion only and not of my department


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                        Well, this is how it went for me, nine years ago I went to fill out some paper work to join the police dept. and the tone went off for the fire dept. and lonely one guy showed up for the call and the one that showed up asked if I was busy. joined that day started classes two days later and now nine years later I work fulltime for this dept. and now I'm the training officer, fire investigator, fire prevention officer, county training committee member,and county investigation team member. the day after I joined my brother joined and now he is the fire chief of the dept. makes things rough for me when I need things done. We are the only two in our family that are in this line of fun.


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                          I live in an apartment and needed a place to wash my truck. Got sick of taking it to those quarter joints. Best thing i ever did. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

                          Mike DeVuono
                          Warminster Fire Dept.
                          Engine Co. 91

                          "There are few atheists inside a burning building."


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                            I guess that I'm like all of you it in the family and in the blood! My grandfather was a paid chief and in the fire service 40+ years and he is still working on a vol. dept at almost 70 years of age I guess that you just can't get it out of his blood. My father is a career guy and a Capt. He has almost 20 in the fire service, and then my uncle is a Capt. and has 15 years in the fire service so when I wanted to join the vol. dept. at the age of 16 (legal age on this dept.) it was to no surprise to any of them. Now serving on that dept. for 3 1/2 years and Now working on my Fire Science degree to become a carrer firefighter, It's the only thing that I can ever see my self doing in life, is running into the burn inferno and dancing with the dragon. On a side note looks like we are going to add another generation to the family list of name my brother is attempting to join the local vol. dept. as well it all in the blood!!

                            Stay Safe and remember to put the wet stuff on the red stuff


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                              I couldn't agree with you more FirePlug99 I'm all for paid and vol. getting along I feel we are One Team and apologize if I did any bashing that was not my intent.


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