Many have commented about lost tickets and the cancelling of the memorial service. Is a memorial service a scheduled event or a time to show respect and remember those that were lost. When the city of New York reduced the number of firefighters at the WTC ruins did they stop showing up everyday?? I feel that all those who were thinking of attending, shouldn't cancel plans, but still show in great numbers. Central park would be a great location for the 50,000 some firefighters to meet and still show their respect for our fallen brothers. This would show the bond of the fire service even more than the original memorial. This would be a true showing of strength and unity in the fire service and would probubly overwhelm the people of New York and all those who attened.

I have never known the fire service to back down when things don't work the way they should. Who needs a building or an organized event to show our pride and sympathy for a city and a department who has gone through so much.

I will be flying into N.Y. on the 16th and am leaving on the 19th. I think it would be a great tribute to all those who have made the extreme sacrifice for those who they have never met. We don't do this job, because we are helping our friends. We do this job to help those who need help. We don't mourn and respect those who can't catch the rig anymore, because someone tells us to be at madison square gardens. We show up in masses anywhere, anytime to be there for our brothers and our sisters who have given their lives so that someone else can live.

If anyone is interested in meeting please post to the forum and show our unity to those which would for us.