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    Originally posted by WFDFire2156 View Post
    atfdff- I have seen you gear and you carry plenty of S**t. If you have big pockets its not a big deal. ATFDFF you have seen me get through the door. lol
    wow someone here isnt going to survive in the fire service, if they cant take a joke. i sense a rude awakening coming!


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      Garrity Light
      Door Wedges,
      Goggles (usually in my pocket though)
      Rubber band thingy
      Flashing red light issued thingy
      Hood in the webbing of the helmet

      Right angle light on coat
      Safety glasses
      Trauma shears
      Firefighting gloves

      Right Pocket
      Flat blade screwdriver
      Phillips Screwdriver
      6 in crescent wrench
      Lineman pliers
      Extrication gloves

      Left Poket
      Bunny ear lopper cutters
      20ft 1in tubular webbing
      window punch

      I like to have my most commonly used tools with me than going back and forth to the truck...and they dont add much weight and dont take up much room


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        Wow, I thought I had a lot of crap.

        Here is my list:

        1- pen- black in color
        2- pair rubber gloves(ems)
        2- wooden wedges
        1- chemlight (glow stick)
        1- leatherman
        1- length of webbing

        You don't need all that crap, just gets in the way.

        And I thought i needed a trailer behind me. Guess I travel light!
        Jason Knecht
        Township Fire Dept., Inc.
        Eau Claire, WI

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          I carry lines mans pliers, 4 in 1 screwdriver, two flash lights, gloves and hood and 50 ft of rope.

          I like to travel light. If I need other tools they will be on the truck.
          Hello. Fire dept.. You light'em, We fight'em!

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            Originally posted by RFxplr326 View Post
            WHY as an explorer do you need "a page full of crap" in your pockets... ???
            The only equipment you should be using as an Explorer, especially 98% of the time (unless your Post doesn't do anything), is a notepad, a pen, and maybe a flashlight as well as the extremely required PPE items (i.e. gloves and your nomex hood).
            There is NO REASON an Explorer needs 50' of rope, wire cutters, pliers, door wedges, and other unnecessary items.
            You need to be carrying a dictionary too... as well as your English teacher, but as the way your message sounds, you do any how... I guess that's part of the stuff you only use 2% of the time.
            WHY as an explorer do YOU need a nomex hood? Its irritating when every post you guys make is bashing somone else for something they do or want. Its time you guys worry more about yourselves and less about everyone else. Show your class, not your ***
            Assistant Chief/EMT-B


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              i carry a lot of stuff, i guess i can handle it........ who wants to be running back and forth for things that are very easy to stick in your bunker gear pockets or on a rubberband on you lid. Makes no sense to me why people would complain about the weight. For example say you got called to a unknown type of call say a 911 hangup in a highrise say 10 stories and the call turned out to be a stabbing...........would you wana run back down to the rig for ems gloves or just pull them outa your pocket......think about it.


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                Less is more

                I'm very big into the concept of less is more. Never carry anything in your gear that you don't have a definite practical application for.

                Helmet: 1 Door chock...I used to carry a helmet light too but i thought to myself...if I have my hand light on me then why do i need that little thing.

                All I carry in my jacket:
                Fire Fighting Gloves
                Folding Spanner
                Wire Cutters

                20' of webbing in a water knot
                Bail out Rope


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