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  • More Comedy In DCFD

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but I figure everyone would get a good laugh out of this latest episode.
    To make a long story short we had a Vote of No Cofidence on our Chief.
    Unofficial word transfers for everyone starting with Capts & Sgts. Rest of the Dept. to follow. This is the funny part this article has been published this morning by the Wash Times, but the FD has yet to cut the Order rescinding transfers, so the million dollar question of the day is transfers or not, who knows?
    Washington Times

    More Reference Material:DCFD.COM Bulletin Board
    Local 36

    Happy Reading.

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    Truck F, you guys have my sympathy, and I also look to you guys to try to see our future. Last week our city passed an issue to open the search for police and fire chiefs to anyone, as well as AC's. I visited DC in 1997 on Thanksgiving and met some great guys at the 18's, 21's, amd 2's houses. They were already telling the sad tale of the FF's of our nations Capital. Bringing in a chief and assistants from outside can only doom the morale of the boys(girls too, bad habit). How can a guy who knows nothing of a city be expected to command those who have called it home their entire lives? I work in my neighborhood, and know the people I protect. Is a nationwide search going to result in the best for the job, or in someone no one else wants? I hope things improve there Truck F.
    From a fellow truckie,
    Stay tough, stay safe.
    See You At The Big One


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