I've sat and read all the posts on the Memorial Service on 11/18 and have decided that this event was taken away as a political tool. And yes I have read everything that I can get a hold of regarding the decision. You may not agree and that is fine, but if this is politicaly motivated the ones responsible need to step down. This event was going to bring thousands together, in a city that is trying to rebound economicaly too. That is point one. Point two: I and many others have worked there tails off to attend this memorial to honor our fallen brothers. Yes I know that the families are still grieving and that all have not been recovered. But what would you think if 50,000 firfighters showed up for your father's or brother's funeral. What a feeling that would be to know that thousands support you and mourn with you. And you can't tell me that wouldn't help you cope a bit more?

Anyways I'll get off my soap box. And let it be know memorial or no memorial I'll still be there on 11/18 supporting my brothers at funerals and on street corners. What ever it takes.

So how many others still plan on coming to NYC? Whether it's due to forking out all that money and can't afford not to go. Or to be there in spirit with our brothers.