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Terrorism And Refinery's and Equipment

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  • Terrorism And Refinery's and Equipment

    Due to the Terrorist attacks in the US, and pending attacks that are Very real and possible. I feel as a Veteran from the Antiterrorism Units, and retired Firefighter, REFINERIES- That have fire trucks and equipment ON SITE should work with LOCAL close in Fire Departments, to house their EQUIPMENT and Manpower at LOCAL FIRE STATIONS.

    I feel that with the terrorist wanting to CRIPPLE the US by killing People, and Tearing the INFA-STRUCTURE apart, they will hit VITAL areas of the country to bring it to its knees. U have to remember that these terrorist want to KILL as MANY people AS POSSIBLE and TEAR the FABRIC of the NATION apart. This would include SABATOGE, BOMBINGS, and SELF SACRIFICE TERRORIST HITS in the US.

    I feel that all departments ALSO look into setting up A reserve Volunteer force of Fire Fighters/ Volunteers Well Trained to help Supliment Cities and Industry from Safety people to Actual Fire Fighters.

    At this time Around America, with the WAR The Military will be busy Closing Boarders, and going over seas.

    We have to realize that HELP from the GOVERNMENT might NOT BE POSSIBLE, due to the Terrorist not acting UPON THEMSELVES to DESTROY this Wonderful Country. I wished the POLITICIANS would have listened when War Veterans during the GULF war said to Kill the People Like Saddam, Bin Ladian, and others But we were told by the Congressman we know what we are doing to not make waves, And we told them That our country would be attacked But no one Listened and turned a deaf ear to the Nations Safety.

    I also feel that Anti-Aircrat Gum Emplacements should be set up to protect out Country, and also Spotter Networks, set up so We can Watch the Nation and keep future attacks from Happening. Terrorist have no shame and to say They are EVIL isnt the real truth, These people, RAPE, PILLAGE, CUT KIDS GENTILES OUT AND THEIR WOMEN ARE TREATED LIKE DOG MEAT, IN FACT THEY TORTURE THEM BEAT, RAPE, SWORD TO DEATH THE WOMEN IN THE COUNTRY. THE PEOPLE LIKE BIN LADIN HAVE ALSO SAID THEY WANT TO SETUP OVER THE WHOLE WORLD NETWORKS OF TERRORIST AND ALSO THEIR TROOPS TO TAKE OVER EVERY FREE COUNTRY OF THE WORLD, AND SETUP A NEW REGIME OF TERRORISM IN THE WHOLE FREE WORLD.

    FOLKS we need as a People to do our part to help. THIS would Include sending the MILITARY to CLOSE THE MEXICAN TEXAS BOARDER, NOt it seems that the Mexicans, have help bring in Sophisticated weapons and Terrorist to American through South America into the US. This has bene reported on many news sources, and Feel we need to seal the Country and DECLARE WAR, not just a non Delcared war, but declare war to Make war Powers Acts start up.

    Some other thoughts are, Cities should set up some Volunteer networks, of people to help in areas that are laxing and need to be brought up to standards.

    Thanks for reading Mark

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    As a full-time career firefighter, and a part-time Industrial Safety/Hygiene Technician (performing 70% of my work in the petrochemical industry in and around Philadelphia, Pa....) I can honestly say that security at the refineries in and around Philly is at an all-time high right now. As for equipment and personnel, the majority of the firefighters in the refineries here are parts of brigades- that is, they are refinery workers- pipefitters, boilermakers, technicians, etc. that carry beepers and respond when called. As for the equipment...There are vehicles stored in fire station(s) throughout the refinery. But the majority of refinery firefighting is done by monitors already permanently placed in target areas. If you have ever been in a refinery, you know that you can't walk 20 feet without tripping over a monitor. These are standard deluge devices which are attached to hydrants. Additionally, most refineries have bulk amounts of foam strategically stored throughout the facility.


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      My station has an oil refinery in our response area. I am only able to comment on the firefighting side of things. Our refinery is quite large and is getting a little old. We have an excellent relationship with refinery staff. These guys are refinery workers who respond to any fires at the refinery. They are supported by a small team of on-site firefighters who man the refinery appliances and gear. They also service, inspect and test the refineries fixed firefighting installations. The on-site firefighters are an enormous asset; they really know their stuff. We do regular training drills at the refinery and are familiar with every square inch of it. There are endless scenarios for the refinery...tank farm fires, fires involving the gas storage tanks, flange fires, fires in the pipe tracks...the list is endless. The secret to success is to maintain a good relationship with the onsite fire crews, conduct regular drills, familiarisation tours, training exercises etc and be very, very familiar with all of the available firefighting equipment; fire service equipment, site equipment and fire service and site equipment working in together. As Safteetech said, there is some very good fire protection gear available for refineries...but it's only as good as the people who operate it! As all of us know who have a refinery in our response area, when you go work at the start of your shift, remember to keep your fingers crossed!!

      I have the utmost respect for the refinery firefighters; they are the first line of defence and until the cavalry get there, they're on their own. So often, our job has been made so much easier because of their quick actions and intelligent thinking. They get none of the accholades or limelight that us guys riding around town do...but they still do one hell of a great job. Good on you guys!!


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        Something else to keep in mind, many towns have wholesale distributors of petroleum products.

        I work for one and we have been told to worry about terroists attacking such a buisness.

        The amount of flammible liquids these companies have on hand is often quite high, 80,000 gallons on up. Not to mention a few bobtail trucks or transports on site full of fuel...could be like a smart bomb??

        The first in engine in this city has never droped by to check out our operations or familiarise them selves with the plant.

        Just a thought, if your IA area has one of these distributors.


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