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  • Reed Hood

    Trying to gather information on real life experiences with the Reed Hoods whether positive or negative.

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    Personally, I do not like the Reed hood for a variety of reasons:
    1. It gives a false sense of security and allows us to penetrate deeper into a fire situation than we might normally go. You know the old belief "if I can't feel the heat, it's not that hot"

    2. The hood is not supposed to be tucked into/under the turnout coat. To my thinking that provides channels for heat to penetrate under the coat and hood.

    3. The hood has to closed/velcroed very carefully to provide maximum protection. If not done right, the protective barrier is compromised.

    I know several firefighters who by their Reeds, but for me give me a "sock hood" any day. I don't think of myself as a "John Wayne" type, but I like to have a feel/sense of what is going on around me at a fire.

    That's just my opinion, but remember "be careful out there"

    Regards to all,

    Jim Boyle (aka 1261Truckie)


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      i kinda lke the reed hoods except for the velcro.
      not once while wearing it did i get a steam burn.
      hey slfd5 how is jason doing up their?


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        My personal opinion on the Reed Hood, is that it is the best protection you can buy for your head. If you want your head and neck well protected this is the hood for you. Most people like 1261truckie, have this attitude, that it will get you hurt and it's a liability, and this is true to an extent. What people have to remember is that it is a piece of equipment, and just like any other piece of equipment you MUST TRAIN WITH IT. Your ears and your neck are not going to get much heat wearing this hood, so you have to rely on other things to let you know it's getting to hot, For myself, my shoulders have always been my best indicators for heat.
        As far as what 1261truckie said about the gaps the hood may leave, I will have to agree with him. The hood can leave gaps and leave you open to a steam burn. What I have done and what alot of people have done to take care of that problem, is by wearing a light weight sock hood underneath the Reed Hood. I personally where a 2 ply light weight PBI hood underneath my Reed Hood.
        This is only what I have found with the Reed Hood, if you want more information, I would contact some of the guys with the Houston Fire Department.


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          I never leave home without it!

          Once during a training burn I was told that the only reason we were able to put out the fire was because we had this hood on. Well if it allowed us to put it out safely what is the problem?

          Train with it and use other parts of your body to feel the heat. I personally like sticking a gloved hand up to check the heat.

          Question? Why would you not protect your head (The part that is supposed to do all the thinking) equal or better than you protect your hands, upper and lower body? I notice that no one wears nomex hood material for a bunker coat. Why not if it works so well on our head?

          Just my thoughts.

          Yes I am biased, Captain Reed has taught me a lot and I respect his experience.

          Stay safe, and low if your not wearing a Reed Hood.
          Kirk Allen
          First Strike Technologies, Inc


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            Whats a Reed Hood ??????
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              I don't know if this is the original Reed Hood or not, but it's version made by Globe Fire Suits.
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