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Red Cross or Red Crooks

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    Let me state that I do not mean to be attacking you. The local Red Cross in my area is fantastic. We work with them all the time. They are there when requested. What I am saying is about the national fund raising effort. This is where people have a problem. I'm sorry if I offend you. Maybe you should reach out through your local and have the national look at this forum (and I am sure there are other forums on the net) and rethink their approach.
    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!


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      i will make sure your concerns are heard and addressed if i have to call National myself...i was told that they are being contacted with this information...whatever i hear, i will come back here and post it...until then, you can write to Red Cross National...there are contact numbers, etc. on their website...remember, there is strength in numbers...

      you all have a right to know where your money is being spent...this will be taken care of...

      please know though...there has been nothing like this in our history...and the red cross is a relief organization developed to help all in need...we are not perfect and there can always be room for improvement...communication is needed here right now..so there are no more misunderstandings or mistrust...

      like i said, i will do what i can to clear this matter up...

      i will check back from time to time to see if there are any other concerns not addressed...i have so much respect for all firefighters...i truly believe with all of my being you are all heros and need to be honored...

      thank you for taking the time to listen to what i have to say...



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        Here's the other side of the debate. A clip from the NY Daily News:

        \\\"Before the opening tip, film director Spike Lee's courtside seat drew considerable attention; actress Lorraine Bracco, director Penny Marshall, even Gov. Pataki made their way over to chat with Lee and 12-year-old Jessica DeRubbio, whose father, Firefighter David DeRubbio of Brooklyn's Engine Co. 226, died in the World Trade Center disaster."\\\

        It seems, Spike Lee offered his second courtside seat up on the auction block with a pledge to donate the proceeds to the Widows and Childens Fund of the UFA.
        Well the ticket sold for $101,300 bought by an unknown (anonymous) bidder who then gave the ticket to the UFA and told them to find a Firefighters child to give it to.

        Only in New York


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          Great story about the FFs daughter getting to go to the game and that the money went to the Widows and Childens Fund. It is too bad that all the children from all the FFs lost didn't get to go.


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            Make no mistake, Josie, no one is singling you out. The decisions on how to spend that money was made near the top of the Red Cross, not down in the trenches.

            I have no problem with the programs that the Red Cross promotes. They serve a vital service to communities all over the world. What most of us are irked about is the allegation that money collected in the name of helping victims of 9-11 is being used for purposes that aren't directly related to the disaster. Expanding the blood bank capability is an excellent project. It is not, however, something that's needs to be done because of 9-11. It's a problem that was highlighted because of 9-11.
            Bryan Beall
            Silver City, Oklahoma USA


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              OMG - do you hear yourselves!!??!!? The American Red Cross has policy and procedures to follow. It is a well respected organization and everything action is documented. Red Cross is doing what it is suppose to do and will continue to be where it is needed, with or without the support of the public. The programs and volunteers are the best and will continue to serve the community to meet the NEEDS not the WANTS. The Red Cross has 7 Fundamental Principles which acts as a 'Code of Conduct' and dominates everything the organization does:

              HUMANITY - We serve people, but not systems.

              IMPARTIALITY - We care for the victims and the aggressors alike.

              NEUTRALITY - We take initiatives, but never sides.

              INDEPENDENCE - We bow to needs, but not to kings.

              VOLUNTARY SERVICE - We work around the clock, but never for personal gain.

              UNITY - We have many talents, but a single idea.

              UNIVERSALITY - We respect nations, but our work knows no bounds.

              If you want to believe the reports - you will. I am a member of the Canadian Red Cross. I am proud of my work and I will be assisting the American Red Cross by giving my time and energy to complete the tasks needing to be done in New York because I believe in the Organization.
              As for not getting onto the website - it is because of how popular it has become since the news report has come out and NOT because the Organization has someting to hide. As for the Anthrax and Emergency Services Fund - it is separate from the public needs at hand. Please ask questions and DO NOT JUDGE what you do not know. Red Cross has done nothing wrong!!!!! Use your energy to find answers and to make positive changes. WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!!!!!!!
              "Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never been hurt before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth."
              - Unknown


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                Local news for WA State ran an editorial last night stating that the Red Cross planned on diverting over 200 million of funds donated FF's families to pay for "administrative costs." The reporter was not pleased. The director of Red Cross also did not approve and this is why she resigned. I think the accurate title may be "Red Crooks?"

                [ 10-31-2001: Message edited by: BCReid ]
                The opinions expressed here are that of my own and in no way reflect the opinions of my administration or department.


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                  I think the point people are trying to make here is if they had known before they donated their money it was not going directly to the victims & families of victims from the 9-11 disaster. They would have sent it to an organization that was going to see to it the maximum amount of donated cash possible would be going to the cause. If that was your desire when donating the Red Cross was a poor choice, it is an international relief organization & is well versed at being sure all of it's causes are financed evenly.

                  The Red Cross appears to be no different than the United Way when it comes to fund distribution. All money designated by the contributor to a specified cause goes to that cause, thereby freeing up money from the general fund to be distributed via the general fund to whichever cause needs a boost to get an even distribution of funds. Its just that the 9-11 fund is so drastically overweighted by the contributions the redistribution of funds to other causes is more than the general fund can handle, hence the high "administration" costs to this particular fund & the establishment of the "Liberty Fund".

                  The Liberty Fund loosely attaches itself to the 9-11 disaster in order to take advantage of the out pooring of funds to help with the WTC victims. It would appear the Liberty Fund is just a ruse to gain enough money into the general fund to be able to even up all of the funds again. I would not say the Red Cross are crooks, they are just creative fund raisers. The Red Cross does great work in disaster relief, & should be given the recognition due them as a fine & reputable relief organization. I just think the majority of folks would like a little more truth in advertising!

                  Me personally, I contributed to the NYC Fire Fighters Fund, The Widows & Childerns Fund, & helped raise money for the 9-11 fund via "fill the Boot" style collection. Having an understanding of how a Mega hughe corporate style chairity distributes donated funds makes me ponder the question.

                  How much of the food in the Red Cross warehouse the U.S. recently had to bomb in Afganistan due to the Taliban confiscating it was purchased with funds either freed up by Liberty Fund donations or directly purchased by it. The Red Cross has bungled this 9-11 money raising thing badly enough, what a SNAFU if some of it was actually used to feed some of the people who helped to perpetrate it??!
                  Insanity is not a requirement for the job, but it helps!


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                    Just reading my Webster's and I can see that the Liberty Fund was appropriately named. It appears that someone knew exactly what they were after, I'm talking about (at) liberty as in ,not confined to, or maybe (take) liberty(ies) as in, to deal with facts in a distoring way. So I guess if we had all read between the lines we would have seen the deseption from the beginning. Oh My what a tangled web web we weave......


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                      Okay, I know that most of you are wealthy beyond measure, so these measley salaries will mean nothing to you... with that in mind grab your seat.
                      The following information was obtained from the American National Red
                      Cross 990 form which can be accessed at http://www.guidestar.org. To access
                      information regarding 1999, click on the year 2000.Total revenue for 1999:

                      Biomedical services: $1,513,052,856
                      Disaster services: $275,528,919
                      Health and safety issues: $184,075,055
                      Community services: $137,898,845
                      Armed forces emergency services: $64,001,051
                      International services: $41,490,927
                      Total: $2,216,047,653
                      While Form 990 does not list all salaries, these are some of the higher
                      paid salaries listed.

                      President Bernadine Healy: $383,615 salary & benefits
                      Acting President Steven Bullock: $404,938 salary, benefits, expense account
                      Secretary Marianne Eby: $136, 882 salary, benefits, expense account
                      General Counsel Richard Counsel: $276,497 salary, benefits, expense account
                      Chief Financial Officer: $250,862 salary & benefits
                      Exec. VP Corporate Operations: $115,567 salary & benefits
                      Exec. VP Biomedical Services: $212,759 salary, benefits, & expense account
                      Senior VP Biomedical Services: $186,384 salary, benefits, & expense account
                      VP of Donor Development position is available & pays $125's to low $210's
                      VP of Human Resources, Biomedical Services is available & pays high 147's to
                      low 230's

                      Need I say more?

                      be safe brothers
                      Be safe brothers


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                        My biggest beef with the Red Cross is that they set up the "Liberty Fund" to be separate from the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Just doing this implied that the money was not going into the Red Cross' normal operating budget. Now they are using it for things that are part of the Red Cross regular mission.

                        To make it worse, they make statements like:

                        The American Red Cross has immediately responded to the explosions in New York City, and in Washington, D.C. that occurred on the morning of September 11th. To help support relief for this tragedy, please select Liberty Disaster Relief Fund

                        on their website (https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp)

                        All kinds of websites (cnn, yahoo, etc.) link you to this fund.

                        Now from this point on in this post I am not talking about the Red Cross.

                        I also have questions about many other funds. On helping.org, the following list appears:

                        New York City Relief Efforts
                        Cross-Cultural Solutions World Trade Center Emergency Effort
                        Children of September 11 Victims - Camp Comfort
                        Daily News Charities, Inc.
                        Fresh Air Fund
                        Miracle Flights for KidsĀ®
                        NewBridge Fund
                        New York Central Labor Council
                        New York Women’s Foundation Disaster Relief Fund
                        New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund
                        Robin Hood Relief Fund
                        September 11th Children's Fund
                        September 11th Fund
                        September 11th Technology Relief Fund
                        Suffolk County SPCA
                        The ASPCA Animal Disaster Relief Fund
                        The New York Times 9/11 Neediest Fund
                        Twin Towers Fund
                        Windows of Hope Family Relief Fund

                        No one knows how much of the $$ donated to a number of these funds is being given to the victims or supporting the victims.

                        No one really knows what a "victim" is according to these organizations. Is is just a deceased? Injured person? Someone displaced from their home? Someone who worked in WTC but escaped? Someone who worked in WTC but lost job due to the disaster? One of the first responders who has respiratory issues now? Or is it just anyone who can show they have a loss due to the Sept. 11 events?

                        I have this nagging fear that sometime next year you will see a 60 minutes or 20/20 piece about "Where has all the money gone?"

                        Then you will see the big parties that some of these organizations throw to "thank" their rich donors. Or the 40% administrative costs taken off the top. Or the outright fraud that has been committed.
                        The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!


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                          Since you all have put so much effort into researching how the Red Cross is dividing thier donations, has anyone done any research on how some of the other agencies are doing the same thing? The word that my Firefighters' Association is getting from contact they have from FDNY is that some of the other funds aren't giving all of the money to the survivors either. We have been told that the Widows and Orphans fund is giving a one-time payment of $10,000 to each survivor and placing the reamining donations into a trust fund for the kids. Not that this is a bad thing, bit some of these survivors need more than $10K to get their lives back together. We have also been told that the IAFF is holding back funds for some kind of "rainy day" fund. Finally, we have been told that some FDNY stations are getting more money sent to the survivors than are others. Specifically, those stations in the more depressed areas are apparently being passed over in favor of stations in the "better" parts of the city.

                          Of course, these are rumors at this point, but it is difficult here in Ohio to verify or debunk them. So, our department has decided to take the $30K+ we have collected and personally deliver it to one of the Stations and let it's members take care of where they feel the money is needed. Of course, there are no gaurentees that the money will go for what it is needed this way either, but we will put our trust in our "Brothers and Sisters" and not worry abotu what kind of beurocricy the big charities have attached to them.
                          Richard Nester
                          Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

                          "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter


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                            good afternoon...as i told you yesterday, i would get any information i could to you about this situation...there has been a new release as of today...but keep in mind, this is not going to be solved today and not everyone will get their answer today..but like i promised, i will do what i can...


                            In response to September 11, the American Red Cross was the first to arrive and will be the last to leave. The focus of all our efforts is on addressing human needs. Our vast disaster experience for more than a century in responding to major disaster events has taught us that people affected by disasters need assistance immediately and well into the future. Our foremost priority is getting assistance in the hands of those who have been affected. Between September 11 and October 30, the Red Cross has provided direct assistance amounting to $111.3 million. This includes food, temporary shelter, emotional and spiritual counseling, cash assistance for survivors, families of those lost, rescue and recovery workers and others in need, and traditional casework to help get back on their feet. Facts showing the scope of this direct humanitarian assistance include:

                            Families helped: More than 25,000 families have been directly helped with cash assistance from the American Red Cross. For the thousands who have been displaced from their homes, we are giving them the funds they need for groceries, lodging, clean-up and recovery. We are helping those who were injured pay their hospital and medical bills. Many people who worked in the disaster-affected areas have been unemployed because their business was damaged or closed, and we are providing them with cash assistance to meet immediate needs like rent and food for their families.

                            Counseling contacts: Close to 135,000 mental health and grief counseling contacts have been made with people affected by the events of September 11.

                            Family Gift Program: We are providing immediate financial help to families who lost breadwinners. To date, more than $43.8 million in tax-free grants have been given. In the days following September 11, the American Red Cross designed a family gift program to cover three months of financial needs for families who had lost breadwinners. We are now expanding that program to cover up to 12 months of family assistance. A key element of this program, from the beginning, has been aggressive outreach to families . Now that the time frame has been expanded, once again we will aggressively reach out to all the families to offer additional assistance.

                            9.5 million meals, still serving more than 100,000 a day to families in the Family Assistance Centers and thousands of rescue and recovery workers at the disaster sites.
                            44,000 disaster workers assigned; 43,000 of them are volunteers.

                            The American Red Cross is making every effort to coordinate with other relief organizations to ensure that those who need help get it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Red Cross leadership is working directly with other relief organizations to coordinate efforts and is in discussion with Attorney General Elliot Spitzer regarding a database to support coordination. The American Red Cross always works with other organizations to ensure that the human needs of those we serve are met.

                            The American Red Cross including our Board of Governors and management team are proud of the efforts we have made in response to human needs since September 11. We recognize the need to provide clarification to the public and our donors of our activities.

                            From the very beginning we have been responding to human needs on a scale like never before.

                            To ensure continued full accountability to the public, we are creating an oversight committee to identify and evaluate the full range of unmet human needs in the context of what others are doing.

                            We are stepping up proactive and direct communication efforts to address media and public questions about the American Red Cross response to the September 11 atttacks. The American Red Cross national headquarters will aggressively get our messages out and is prepared to do regular press briefings as needed.


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                              It's a step, but they are still not saying they will abide by the donors wishes
                              The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!


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                                I thought I'd edit this into separate paragraphs so it can be read a little easier...

                                I'm tired...and I am finding my tolerance level is really low; therefore, I apologize to the forum for taking on this topic so personally. It frustrates me that so many of the members have their own opinions and feel their opinions are THE opinion....including myself. Well, the world is made up of many things and it is amazing how we jump on a topic so quickly and form an opinion yet have no idea what they are talking about. And at what point are individuals going to take responsiblity for their actions. The information I have heard so far is not making complete sense to me nor has it's source been identified. I do not believe everything I hear in the media.

                                What was American Red Cross's Campaign? I know in Canada we didn't even have to advertise....people just came in off the street to give money. The money goes to the families affected by the Events of September 11, 2001. Not just those in New York, but those families experiencing the events in PA and DC. There is also the needs of the rescue workers at Ground Zero...food, gloves, socks...etc. Just because you can't see what is being done - does that mean there has to be a scandal?

                                I will be particularly mused if reports surface about other agencies and their funds - will the forum be so quick to jump in with an opinion?

                                I have always, ALWAYS stood proudly among my brothers and sisters in the emergency services. And you know what? I will continue to do so because it is a part of who I am. And it's okay that we disagree because that is what makes so unique in the bigger picture.

                                It is my expectations of my brothers and sister that is hurting me because I expected all of us to have a greater tolerance, especially because we are often the ones being second-guessed, criticized, or belittled by the media or public. I expected a little more objectivity and understanding - but I guess I was wrong?!!

                                [ 11-14-2001: Message edited by: bubblesboyd ]
                                "Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never been hurt before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth."
                                - Unknown


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