Ok fellow FF's it is now time to write Washington DC.Our wonderful congress members (not all mind you) are already bickering and losing their focus.
We need to remind them it isnt all about them or how good they look on camera.
Plus Pres.Bush needs them to quit saying ok you can do whatever in this case and get them to declare war.Any of you from Vietnam care to relate how hard it is to get benifits because you fought a police action and not a war?Our troops need our support and so does our Pres.No matter how you feel about him he is our leader here.
I have had just damn near enough of some of the clowns in Washington spouting rhetoric around the edges and not remembering that this is about the country working together.Not politics!
In closing let us remeber our brothers and sisters that heeded the call.Let us mourn those victims that never asked for this to happen to them.(Like my daughters school buddy whos cousin was on the plane that hit the WTC .Brings it closer to home for me)and let us pray that we find the mastermind(my money is on Sadaam Hussein)and that we get the revenge our country, and all the other countries that lost something in this,so greatly deserve.
To our British brothers "God save the Queen!'What she did with the changing of the guard moved me today.
Let us all stand together in this time of trial.God bless the USA and all her allies.