"How To Fight The War On Terrorism"

Suddenly America has heroes again. We have turned our attentions towards those who deserved reverence long before now. Aren't we fickle and shallow in ways we shouldn't know? We knew all along that we were overlooking those who deserved honor but got apathy. Until September cops were the bad guys, firemen barely noticed. EMT'S were afraid for their lives while they rescued the injured. Until 9/11 most of us had never even heard of The Port Authority. Now we know more.
The punks in the streets never thanked any of them. Instead they turned on the good-guys like mad dogs always hungry for more flesh, thirsty for more blood.
Where are those punks now? Are they still shooting at each other? Now that we are fighting for America, I was wondering if gang-bangers are still fighting over corners and turf? I don't hear about them now. Too many other things unfolding before us. The fight for mankind's very survival seems to have diminished those random acts of violence.
But since our government leaders are asking American's to write in their idea's regarding this war on terrorism, I was hoping the gangs from 'the hood' could maybe put their heads together on this. Afterall, they have plenty of experience. They have been terrorizing decent citizens for decades now. How about turning that thirst for blood on something that finally makes sense.
I say we should recruit these gangsters right off of our own streets. Instead of sending them to jail, let's ship them off to Afghanistan. They already have guns. They know how to kill. Stick opposing gangs on each dusty hill and tell them where the stash of opium, hashish and heroin is likely hidden.
If anyone can destroy the Taliban it will be our own 'homeboys'. That is MY idea Mr. President on how to fight the war against terrorism!