"How Did We Ever Get This Far?"

A thousand accidents may weave a veil between the way we view the present and the sordid inscriptions of the past.
Accidents and happenstance, fate -
flawed mistakes and wicked acts by
Godless men...
stitched, become the fragile thread
that bleeds throughout our soul.
From the frantic reach of a newborn's breathy cry,to the shallow pant of a worn-out life, everything we've seen and touched
becomes the dream of starry skies-

In darkness we have shaped ourselves into phantoms of nightmare eyes.
Stumbling spirits, proped-up bones, now trace our course in faint and muted tones.
How did we ever get this far? The journey has a thousand miles.
Yet, we manage to inch and crawl...
as if we know just where to go.

Lured by guides that scribe the course, we follow without wings
and leave a trail invisible, that will speak of all these things.
Writings left, in sympathetic ink...
In the end, it is just the fierce, raw claws of battles won and lost
that tell the tale of who we are.

Turned into suffering splendor, as the last thing our eyes see, is a past that weaves these thousand things
and sky-full of starry dreams.

by: KauilaPolu

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