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    The metro - Dade fire dept said today, the 3 firefighters are ok to go back to work... what a bag of bull ship if I ever herd, Most of you did not see these 3 ashholes on TV, and what you read on some news reports is only what the PIO what's you to read,,, If you had watched these guys on TV.... I am sorry I can't say but this is BS

    ? What Next ?

    I got it, Bid Laden for Mayor of MIAMI FLORIDA

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    I couldn't agree more Capt. Only one problem though, I don't think Osama will be available to take the position in Miami because he is already a shoe in for the mayorship of Berkeley, CA.


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      Maybe we should bring back HORSEWHIPPING. If these 3 idiots don't like what the flag stands for LEAVE.It's bad enough that they pulled this stunt, but after what our brother
      firefighters went through in NYC it's even worse. I say give them a one way ticket back to their "HOMELAND" and see if they stay. I think not.


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        I didn't see any of this on TV, but why was I NOT surprised to find out that these clowns are, shall we say, "Friends Of Jesse Jackson"??? I really don't understand what the deal is with people like this..who have such negative thoughts about our flag, this nation. It's almost like unless they take this anti-USA stance, they're not "cool".
        And God knows what crap they're listening to in their churches, with those wacked out "ministers" spewing their hatred from the pulpit every Sunday. But still, that's no excuse.

        But I'm on board with that idea about sending these guys on a one way trip to Somalia, or some other paradise in their homeland, and see how long they last. Summertime, wintertime, the livin ain't ez over there.


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          I just read the article on the three pseudo-firefighters from Miami. The whole incident seems to be a "we're sorry we stood up for our selves, let us take it back."

          What angers me the most is the quote from one of the individuals stated that he was upset that the country hadn't said its sorry for slavery. Ok. Well, slavery ended a LONG time before 09-11-01. I doubt he has suffered anything like any of the slaves did. I would also be willing to bet that he choses to ignore the fact that most of the African tribes would readily sell members of other tribes into slavery. Does he want an apology from them??

          Maybe all three need a lesson in history, or maybe patriotism. It is a sad day when we have to be careful around those who are supposed to be "family".
          Bless all of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. You will not be forgotten


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            Dear Editor:

            The Metro Dade Fire Rescue is rewarding firefighters for being stupid, At this time most of us know that there are three firefighters that are holding Miami/ Dade County Hostage with legal terrorism.

            These firefighters are refusing to do their job { that they get paid for on our Tax Dollars}. They will Not Work unless the Fire Dept Removes the AMERICAN FLAG from their fire truck, and if you have not heard, they have changed their story three times so far!
            The City, Miami Metro Dade, was nice enough to Give these three men a PAID Vacation, The City also has changed their story. On the News or on some emails the three are getting paid leave and sometimes it is said they are not getting paid, who is telling the truth?????
            Any city That does not respect our American Flag, does not deserve our respect or our money. Over 300 Real firefighters and Many of our finest NYPD as well as all the EMS workers that lost their lives on 9-11-01 as well as the loss to their families.
            The city of Miami doesn't really care, if they did they would never have let this happen, But they Are allowing an unspeakable form of terrorism.
            When three men are allowed to hold up a Fire Department to the ridicule, and intentional disrespect, find the American flag as a symbol of oppresion, and refuse to preform a job they have taken an oath to uphold, then there is something dreadfully wrong with the system!
            I fully understand that the Flag also stands for the freedom of speech, but these men have taken it to a new level, they have also abused that freedom, they cannot stick to one story, or say they have been misquoted, or that it *blocked their view* they have bitten off more then they can chew!!!
            Firefighters, as well as citizen's all over the country are demanding that these men be terminated and offer a public apology.
            What they have done is NOT in the name of Religion, nor an issue of safety, nor something that they truly belived in they have instead, turned it into their own personal 15 minutes of *glory*
            So as proud Americans, with the flag we all love, Firefighters, Police, EMS, Worker, VETS and the Families of all, Please stay away from Miami Florida!! By their actions they have shown this country that we mean nothing to them. greed (vacation dollars) and the fear of losing tourism, because of this incident, does indeed make strange bedfellows!!!!
            What means the most to them???dollars, disiplain or the courage to stand up for what is Moraly and Ethically right and not give into a *hostage* situation, as the saying goes *if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen* It is time to act and if the city of Miami does not take action then the citizens of this nation Will take action by boycotting your town!!
            Next time you take a trip/ vacation remember, Miami, by thier actions has shown us they do not care about us Americans, why should we want to even think about going there. there are so many fun things to do outside of Miami, like Disney World, Sea World, Bush Gardens, many cruise lines leave out of Fort Lauderdale, there is a lot more in Florida then the hookers on Miami South Beach.

            Please Boycott the Miami Area. If they don't need our Flag, They don't need our money!!

            Please also send your letters and comments to the Governor's office, the Mayors, and the Fire Chief.

            NYC, the city that doesn't sleep!
            Miami, the city that doesn't Care!

            God Bless us all, and our American Flag

            And sign over the pearly gates that reads

            "protected by"

            Mark Conn
            Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida USA



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              I am in agreemment with those who feel that these gentlemen really are not what I would consider a brother. I don't understand how what our great,great,great,great Grandfathers did can possibly have any affect on how or where these men do their jobs. If you are not over the slavery issue, then maybe you need to do a little self evaluation. I mean come on, for God sakes people. What a sorry *** excuse to use. This is just inconceavable to me from my view. The flag didn't even have the same same amount of stars on it in the 1800's as it does today, or did I miss something.


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                It makes me sick to my stomach.

                2 of the 3 Miami-Dade Firefighters are coming back to work with little more than a slap on the wrist. The 3rd firefighter, (I'm reluctant to refer to them as firefighters.) will have no disciplinary action taken against him.

                Here's the truth. Moore and Williams did indeed threaten to "go home sick" if they were required to ride the fire apparatus if the American Flag were to be remounted. Now that sure sounds like a refusal to me!

                Moore referred to the American Flag as a "rag" during conversation.

                Moore, Williams and Clark claim that it was a safety issue. They claimed it blocked their view and was haphazardly mounted. What a load of B.S.!!!! The flag was mounted on the rear turntable and at an upward angle so it would not interfere with the rotation of the ladder. Now how did this block their view from the inside of a closed cab? More B.S.!!!

                Clark claims that the flag was haphazardly mounted. The mast was secured with a clamp, similar to a radiator hose clamp, and several heavy duty zip-ties. The mast had several anchoring points. It was not haphazardly mounted!!! Another load of B.S.!!!

                Now, what really makes me mad as hell, is that those same three have the gall to pose on the cover of a local publication (The New Times) with a large American Flag as the background. The same three who totally disrepected the flag just a little more than a month ago.

                My mother always told me to tell the truth. Well I have. I know what happened that day...I was there.

                Lt. Michael Simon
                Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

                [email protected]


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                  Is Old Glory still on the rig down there?
                  Truck Man

                  "Above all, an assignment to a truck company should be considered a promotion."

                  Chief John W. Mittendorf-1998


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                    My grandparents came to this country in the 1800's from Europe. They couldn't speak english and were treated like dirt. They wanted only one thing -a better life- AS AMERICANS. They didn't own slaves and had nothing to do with it. I don't owe any black man an apology. I'm sure I'm not alone.
                    These guys are simply RACISTS of the first degree and deserve to be treated such.
                    It's because of idoits like these that people are able to keep alive the strereotypes that the black comunity have been trying to shed for centuries.
                    These three *&#%holes need to get out of this "OPRESSIVE" country and go live in the Motherland of their choice. We all know better though, its easier to stay here and bitch and be miserable, wallowing in all their self-pity. Isn't it.
                    Gotta go puke now----enough is enough--

                    [ 10-26-2001: Message edited by: Smokeetr4 ]
                    "Never trust a smiling dog"
                    Delaware F.O.O.L. FTM-PTB-EGH


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                      Yes, the Miami-Dade Fire Truck in question does currently fly Old Glory. In fact 3 are mounted. They have been flying proudly for some time now, and will continue to fly!!!

                      God Bless Old Glory and the FDNY
                      Michael Simon


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                        Thank god I don't work in Miami where I might be associated with these three pieces of [email protected] My sympathy to those who have no choice but to work with them. If I were in your unfortunate position, it would be a cold day in he11 if I ever sat at the same table and ate a meal with them or said a word to them at all that I didn't have to. Gives new meaning to "FTM-PTB", these guys are definitely mutts, not brothers.

                        [ 10-27-2001: Message edited by: NozzleHog ]


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