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On Monday We Were Whole

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  • On Monday We Were Whole

    "On Monday We Were Whole"

    On Monday, America faced the end of summer and the beginning of Fall. Most of the children were back in school with new shoes and backpacks and the smell of unlearned knowledge filled the air of classrooms freshly painted and cleaned.
    On Monday, Mom's and Dad's sipped coffee and kissed. They said their good-bye's and headed for work. Monday. Dreaded Monday. The reality of life seemed sharper then.
    Dinner was simple as new plans were mapped. Soccer and teachers with names mispronounced. Lists of supplies, new pencils and pens. More things to do and so little time.
    By midnight on Monday the kids were asleep as Daddy's came drifting in from the streets. Helmets and hats, badges and guns, fireman's boots left lined-up near trucks. By midnight on Monday they were just tired men who slipped off to sleep too weary to dream.
    Until midnight on Monday, families were whole. Mother's had children and wife's had their husband's sleeping right by their sides, and children could dream with a smile on their face because Monday came and went without leaving a trace.
    Tuesday started early but it promised to run smooth. New routines were carved and we were finding new grooves. Fresh coffee bubbled and new habits were seeded.
    The lazy sun of summer gave way to golden Fall as morning unfolded colors and the light from the rising dawn bathed another new day in endless possibility.
    Children dragging feet as Mommies scrambled eggs. Daddy's stealing kisses, were heading back to city streets.

    We never saw it coming, the terror from the sky. We never got the chance to say that last good-bye. And in a ball of fury as fire rained on steel, a nation full of families suffered wounds that would not heal.
    Tuesday would turn fathers into warriors, brothers into heroes, husbands into angels. Tuesday took a city and turned it's face into ash, but in the rubble of it's ruin, it's courage would rise like mist as the steamy ghosts of soldiers stood tall on boneless toes and promised not to leave until there were no more lost souls.
    This was a day of sorrow, a day where good men died. This was a day that terror rained death from God's blue sky. This is a day remembered, for more than it's nightmare.
    This Tuesday will be the marker of a nation at it's best...

    Death is not defeat and WE shall rise and build. And there will come a time, when Tuesday comes again, without the gloom and sorrow, without the dusty ash. In time we will see Tuesday without the glaze of pain.
    Bless these mighty angels who gave their lives for me....they fought for love and country, but they died for LIBERTY.

    by: KauilaPolu
    for my hero's and New York's Finest!

    God Bless You...brave and good men.
    Colleen McQuaid

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