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Monetary gains from our losses

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  • Monetary gains from our losses

    A petition is circulating through my department asking members not to grant interviews to a certain writer, who will remain nameless, who is trying to put together a book about fire operations on 9/11/01. It seems, no gesture of donation of proceeds has been announced in relation to this book.

    A very highly respected Deputy Chief of mine is doing the same in an attempt to document as much of the event as possible. He wants to devote a chapter to every company who lost a member or members. At the same time he has pledged 100% of the proceeds to our fallen brother's families.

    Perhaps this aspiring author will read this and realize, we will only help those who help our widows. You have gained much from your time in the fire service, don't try to make a dime on our time.

    Should this topic be locked down and deleted, I fully understand.

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    We won't be closing the topic, just as long as everyone is aware that such a project has nothing to do with Firehouse.com or Firehouse Magazine.

    Also, so everyone is aware, here is a synopsis of what to expect in the upcoming issues of Firehouse Magazine:

    In the November issue of Firehouse® we present 16 pages of pictures from
    the scene. We introduce and detail the incident, Scenes from the areas
    surrounding the collapse of the twin 110-story towers and the 22 story
    hotel. Views of the aftermath of the 16 acre site, fires burning in several
    buildings as off-duty firefighters report in to the scene. We review
    pictures of some of the 98 damaged or destroyed rigs at the scene.
    Operations 24 hours a day over several days at ground zero with firefighters
    searching the debris field and with the use of heavy construction equipment.
    Finally tributes by the public at many FDNY firehouses where numerous
    firefighters were killed.

    In future issues of Firehouse® we will present in depth-coverage including
    interviews with firefighters who narrowly made it out alive from the
    collapse of the World Trade Center. We will also detail the damage to the
    FDNY apparatus fleet and how he FDNY has plans to replace the damaged rigs
    within a few months.


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      It is a shame that people are trying to capitalize on misfortune.
      Glad to hear that FDNY is going to be represented properly by one of it's own.
      just tell me where to buy the book!

      be safe brothers
      Be safe brothers


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        E229LT... it is sad that there are people out there who will try to make a fast buck off the misfortune of others. I hope this guy gets the message, and I wish all you guys the best of luck in getting him to see the light. And an "atta boy" to that Deputy Chief- his heart is in the right place. Keep us informed on his progress, will ya?
        Hey, it's MY opinion, not that of my department or peers.


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          Thanks for the word regarding the "nameless author". If this person has spent any time around the troops, he should know we look out for our own.
          I hope the deputy is successful in his endeavor. As Scott and Lumpy requested, keep us posted. That book will be a "helluva" book for "the library".

          Remember...Let's be careful out there.

          Regards to all,

          Jim Boyle (aka 1261Truckie)


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            I too would be interested in when the Deputy releases his book. Sounds interesting!
            Opinions stated are mine only and do not reflect those of my companies.



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