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What would you do if you had your chance with Osama bin Laden?

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  • What would you do if you had your chance with Osama bin Laden?

    I would just like to know what other firefighters would do if they had thier chance with Osama bin Laden. I would run him over 15,000 times with the biggest tower I could find. And that would be the beginning.

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    1. Back into him with our new Peterbuilt Engine...like I did to a light pole last month .

    2. Use him as target practice before I go bow-hunting this fall.

    3. Use him like a Slam-Man...so myself and my kickboxing instructor can just have-at-it with a nice, solid roundhouse kick.
    We're all in this together. FDNY 9-11-01


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      I would take a 40-ton piece of steel and drop it 110 stories right on to the M.F.-er's head...let the SOB feel what they felt.


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        I would ask the air force to put him in a parachute and fly him over the WTC a couple of times and then push him out and let him decend slowly onto ground zero. I think you get the picture. Justice would be handled...


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          To insure that Allah would send him to hell...

          1. shave his beard.
          2. get him drunk.
          3. make him have sex with a pig.
          4. make him eat the pig.
          5. terminate him with extreme prejudice and bury him with the pig!
          6. invite the brothers of the FDNY to urinate in the grave!
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            I'd wrap 'em in a large box with a canteen of water and ship his *** to Mike Moran. After taking a bite off his nose he could share with the rest of FDNY, NYPD & the Port Authority.
            Dean Urquhart
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              He should be made to dig the graves of all the people he murdered by hand. When he is done he should be forced to denounce himself as a fraud to all his followers. He can then be put in the freak show at the circus headlining as the worlds biggest *** and his pet pigs. After peole around the world tire of this unhuman scum, simply shoot him in the head and bury him in a pig sty.
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                I would leave it up to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to handle him (don't mean to offend anyone in case they have other opinions on the matter.) I think I can forgive, but I will never forget!!!

                Other than that, Shaving his beard, putting nair in his turban along with a little bit of itching powder, burning pictures of the WTC into his feet and cutting I'm Extremely Sorry into his back with a semi-dull knife would seem extremely fun!!!

                And to top that all off......WAHHANANANA!!! (drum roll please) I would rub bacon grease and large amounts of salt into his cuts.

                THEN tie him to the fence of a pig farm and cover his legs and OTHER areas with corn, bread crumbs, and honey and scream the following words:

                SOOOOUUUEEEYYYY PIG PIG SOUEY....HOG SLOP TIME!!!! Keep him awake while all those pigs slobber all over him eating away at parts of his flesh never killing him because that would be letting him take the easy way out. Only making him suffer.... But I know


                MAN I CAN BE SO CREATIVE!!!!! And yet, so scary at the very same time!!!

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                  NCMedic's got the winner IMO... I think Mike Moran deserves first (and second... and third... etc) shot at OBL... matter of fact, make it the first 343. One for each of the brothers.

                  Next time I'm in NY, I wanna buy Mike a beer!!!
                  Remember the brothers... FDNY 9/11/01


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                    I'd give him a sex change and send him back without a veil.


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                      I vote for flying a commercial jet (unoccupied and rem. ctrl) loaded with enough fuel for a cross-country flight right into that spot in *** where the sun don't shine...............

                      If that doesn't get his attention, I'm sending him to Mike.....


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                        E229Lt has a great idea...let him feel what it is like to be a victim of his own rules and laws. After his own people kick the crap out of him I would ship him to Mike Moran and let Mike carve each firefighter, police officer, EMS workers, etc. name into his body along with their station number and ID number with a very dull plastic knife (they used plastic knives on the planes they crashed to threaten the people on them). Then I would take him to Ground HERO and let each one of them take turns beating the sh*t out of him....but never let him die....let him live one day for each person he killed then drop him 110 stories into a bunch of metal and debris...but make sure he knows about all of this before we do it to him. No matter what happens to this son of a b*tch he will never pay enough for me or for those of us that truly feel the pain of what he did on that day. He will rot in hell for eternity and I hope the Devil has his way with him too. Even the Devil couldn't do something as evil as what OBL did to our country and to our heroes. He will get his and I sincerely hope I get to watch him fall.
                        Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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                          Another angle - let the US Special Forces dispose of him quietly. This SOB wants to be in the limelight, including being martyred by his followers when he is ultimately killed. We can deny him what he really wants, which is an audience.

                          If that doesn't work, I have been advocating from Day 1 that he be flown over Ground Zero at about 1500 feet and pushed out.


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                            I would put him in a room that he can't escape from an make him watch a video of Richard Gere's speech over and over and over again. And then blindfold him, take him to a flight simulator, take the blindfold off and make it look like he's going to crash into the side of a mountain, then take him to meet Mike Moran.....God packs the biggest sledge hammer, imagine being crushed over and over and over again, that's what awaits that....you know what Brothers, if he were laying in a cat litter box, even the cat wouldn't cover it up! Thanks Firefighter12001 for helping us ventilate!

                            BE SAFE,
                            See you on the big one!<br />Billy Reiter 1st Lieutenant/Chaplain available 24 7


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                              When you take away Osama bin Laden's money, his AK47, his network of knuckleheads, what do you have?

                              He's just man.

                              I'd like to open up a good old American can of bare knuckled whoop as$ on the flea infested cave dweller.

                              In Texas execution is by lethal injection. This far to humane for bin Laden.

                              What happened to the elecric chair. Hey how about an electric couch. That way we can strap a few of his buddies on there with him. Just throw the switch a few seconds at a time.

                              But the idea of Special Forces taking him out silently with no media coverage sounds the best way to me. No glory to show Allah.

                              Take no prisoners. Expect no quarter.

                              This is just my personal opinion.

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