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  • DAMN Asst. Chief (PLEASE READ)

    Our local news station has started a program to help fellow firefighters at the World Trade Center disaster by taking donation.All Departments accross the Rio Grande Valley have helped, except for one mine. It seems our Acting Asst. Chief has decided it is a liability And I am hoping our union will do something! God I am so ****ed off! I have chosen personally not to shake his hand or make even his presence known for the rest of his career.
    I am proud of being a FIREFIGHTER but brothers not Under the "command" of an idiot!
    what else can I say but I am sorry for even starting this subject but I needed to vent.

  • #2
    I can understand some of your frustrations. What kind of donations are being collected?? I can assure you that there "may" be a liability issue depending on what is donated. Do you need to have the Acting Asst. Chief to pass the boot and take up a cash collection? I don't see much of a liability there. I live in New York and work as a firefighter. Let me guarantee that many well meaning people are making donations that are not needed and cannot be used. Plus there are already scam artoists at work during these troubled times. How much of a profit do you think the street vendors are making by selling the hand held American flags that people are buying? How much cash has already been donated to a person claiming to be collecting for the firefighters, when in reality that money will never be seen by anyone other than the person collecting it? Liabilities, yes there are a few. I'm not saying don't donate, just be cautios of where and what you donate.


    • #3
      Boy you said the big "L" word. LIABILITY. Sure the A/C is only a peg in the whole administration scheme. Lets look at the biz we are in: we run into burning building that planes crash into because people need help. Liability?????? Our whole careers are a liability to our lives. I think that you must go above his head to his boss and explain whats what and im sure the bonehead will see whats right.


      • #4
        Thanks for the replies Bros. just today we (our association) took action. We collected on our own and I have to say the citizens of McAllen, Texas are great!
        And to hell with our ***. chief


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