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I am your firefighter- a poem

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  • I am your firefighter- a poem

    I was saddened by the loss of Captain Jay Jahnke of the Houston Fire Department. I sat at home and with all kinds of thoughts and emotions boiling in my head about him, and about my current department and our staffing issues. I was thinking and thinking and finally I realized something...


    I spend 1/3 of my life away from my family, so I can protect you and your family.
    I love you, even though I have never met you.
    I would gladly die to save your life, or the lives of your neighbors.
    I gladly risk injury to protect your property.
    I love my life. I chose this life above anything else in the world.
    I am your firefighter.

    When something terrible happens in your life, you can always call me.
    I am waiting for that call. It is what I live for.
    I will come flying to your home or business to assist you in any way I can.
    My food can wait to be eaten.
    The training class I am taking can be paused, because you called.
    I am your firefighter.

    I hurt. I cry. I laugh. I am human.
    I learn to cope with neglect from you.
    I have so many things to offer, but somehow I get lost in the political shuffle.
    I work, and think, and try to come up with ways to make your community better, safer.
    I put all those things aside the minute the Alarm rings, and you need me.
    I am your firefighter.

    The call comes in… “There’s smoke in my bedroom”
    I am on the way. Only 3 of us on this fire truck, but we’ll do our best.
    Blackness is all you see, choking, blinding, smoky, blackness.
    A hand is touching you. It is rough and bulky, covered in a glove.
    I hand you to my partner, then search on for someone else.
    I am your firefighter.

    Sunlight breaks on your face as you leave the burning structure.
    Safe. Safe. Safe. Breathe the clean air. Breathe
    You hear a loud mechanical wailing coming from the building.
    The one who brought you out, yells, “If we only had more men” and rushes back in.
    Now he is dragging another who looks like him out the door.
    I am that firefighter.

    You watch as the fire truck drives slowly by.
    The wailing siren breaks the quiet morning.
    The slow parade of firefighters marches past you.
    The flag above you waves softly in the breeze, but halfway down.
    The flag over me is still. For you see…
    I was your firefighter.

    Don’t cry for me. Cry for my wife.
    Don’t pray for me. Pray for my brother firefighters who need the strength.
    Don’t let my life be in vain. Do all you can to help my Fire Department.
    Don’t say “What a tragedy”, Thank God another life was saved.
    You see, I chose this life. It is all I have ever wanted.
    I am A Firefighter!

    be safe brothers

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    Be safe brothers

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    This hits home for all of us with staffing issues, GREAT POEM BROTHER!!! Keep up the good work in the panhandle.


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      Thanks for sharing. Jay we miss you!


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        Reading your poem just now almost brought me to tears. I cried the day I watched the towers come down, but like you said in your poem, I cried for the families and the wives, this is our job and if the sh#t hits the fan I need to be there, because it's what I do. I can see your have been blessed at least twice in your life #1 with being a firefighter and #2 with being able to write so beutifully. Please keep 'em coming, they do help, no matter how painful it seems. One day we will be back in the saddle so to speak, and the hurt will lessen with time. Stay safe out there boys, I worry and hope, and pray for you all.... Shed 376


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          WOW and THANK YOU is about all I can say right now.

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          Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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            You know I thought I was cried out. But I guess not, thank you for writing this poem. It brought me to tears. We will not forget those who gave their lives, so others may live.


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