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Greatest Need in the Fire Service Today?

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  • Greatest Need in the Fire Service Today?

    Hi, my name is Jeff Forester. I am a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College majoring in Fire Science. I have to do a project for class finding out what different firefighters think is, "the greatest need in the fire service today". Any thoughts would be appreciated. If you caould leave your name, rank, and dept., this would also be a great help.
    Thanks a lot
    Jeff Forester

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    More money, more money, more money. Money helps pay for qualified firefighters, equipment, training, gear, etc. We also need to start to look at more training for high rise fires, and building collapses in the aftermath of NYC and the WTC.

    Active Firefighter NJ
    Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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      In my opinion the greatest need in the fire service today is quality training, which my department does a great job of, and more quilified people that are willing to volunteer to do this job.

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        1. TRAINING
        2. Contemporary PPE (especially true for many smaller depts.)

        Mike Bagott
        Palouse Fire Dept
        Palouse, WA

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          Quality Firefighters w/the right training
          More money
          Jeremy Culver
          IACOJ Bureau of EMS

          These views are my own and do not represent the views or opinions of anyambulance service that I am affiliated with.

          Help our fellow firefighters.
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            -- Emphasis on fire prevention
            -- Adoption of universal residential/commercial sprinkler laws, including retrofit.
            -- More incident managing officer & aides on scenes
            -- Improved officer & leadership training

            (Prevent 'em, Keep 'em small when you can't prevent 'em, and Manage them well when you can't prevent 'em or keep 'em small)

            Matt Kivela
            Mortlake Fire Co., Brooklyn, CT
            IACOJ Canine Officer


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              I'm lucky, my Brigade (department) is well funded but we always need more money.

              However what we REALLY need is for the public to LISTEN to the fire education we give out AND act on it, for them to wear their seatbelts, not drive too close to the car in front etc. Then all of us firefighters would be bored silly, but more people would be alive.


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                What everything comes down to is proper funding. With that comes the ablity to fill the needs. We need more firefighters that are trained properly. More training to keep up with the times. And better training then to just have someone who took a class and thinks that they are experts. We could use more specialized expertise from resources other then our own. And all of that with the proper equipment to do our jobs.

                So I guess, to reiterate, Funding is the paramount.

                Good luck with your project.

                Keith Urkoski
                Grand Island Fire Department
                Grand Island, Nebraska


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                  I can only speak for my department. Our greatest needs right now are staffing and safety equipment.


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                    1. Staffing (minimum levels dictated by 1710)

                    2. Apparatus that takes advantage of newer technologies (ie.. there should be no Fire Apparatus without anti lock brakes, perhaps even some bells and whistles technology, but at least some current tried and true stuff)

                    3. High quality PPE. Not just good gear, but great gear that once again takes advantage of newer technologies. Amazing how we just got airpacks that have integrated PASS, and now there are heads up displays... etc.

                    4. A good quality, easy to use Accountability program, perhaps even something computer driven and automated integrated with airpacks.

                    Lieutenant, Indpls area


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                      Better funding to purchase new gear and updated Equipment such as SCBA.
                      More people willing to volunteer
                      More training for Haz-Mat and other things
                      New technolegy to help Firefighters do there job more effectively
                      These are just a few I'm sure there are many others. Money is the big issue without money you can't purchase needed equipment.
                      Bill Richards
                      Columbia Fire Co. Osceola Mills Pa


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                        1. Training, training, training. Your people have to know what they’re doing or they’re just warm bodies.
                        2. Equipment. You got ‘em trained, now give ‘em the tools for the job. Everything from PPE to apparatus.

                        From a strictly volunteer standpoint, we need people -- DEDICATED people. All the fancy toys in the world won’t help if the people aren’t willing to learn to use them properly.

                        On the note of funding: the fire service, regardless of whether they are paid or volunteer, can always use more money. Any FD in America can spend every penny you give them. This is because the Fire Service is constantly trying to improve and will continue to accept new responsibilities.

                        Bryan Beall
                        Firefighter - EMT
                        Silver City Fire Department
                        Bryan Beall
                        Silver City, Oklahoma USA


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                          well as my fellow bretheren have said before...Money is always needed for many things.....Training for the RIGHT perosnnel, BETTER equipment would be really nice!! a raise would be cool...not that i dont like making a whopping 25000k a year for risking my butt...lol......I know we could use a WHOLE lot better health screening every year with bloodwork done......a Mayor, City Council that actually likes the F.D. would be good, and a Fire Chief that has all the KaHones in the world to stand up for what you need....but there are so many things the service needs.....
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                            1. More funding
                            2. More & better equipped Training centers
                            3. Better disaster management

                            Daelman David
                            Fire department Aalst - Belgium.


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                              1. More funding!
                              2. Leaders who are willing to do exactly what their name alludes to... LEAD!
                              3. More funding!
                              4. More funding!
                              5. I liked the other post about the Mayor/Council who actually like and support the fire department.

                              Scott Reasor
                              Pampa Fire Department
                              Pampa, TX, USA 79065

                              be safe brothers
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