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Fire Administrations Response to NY tragedy

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  • Fire Administrations Response to NY tragedy

    In brief, has anyone gotten the expected response that a chief or company officer should show in times like ths? Has anyone been let down?

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    Not quite sure what your question is. What type of response are you looking for?


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      what's the ???


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        If you are asking: Has our Chief or the Officers shown respect and remorse for this weeks past events?

        The answer to that one is quite clear: In a word YES!

        As best as can be done, for not being on scene, at last practice we did a bit of a debrief of the events, and then had a moment of silence to honour those who made the "ultimate sacrifice.

        Malahat Fire Dept
        Malahat27: "Play safe y'all."


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          We are a vollie fire company of officers and firefighters who are heart broken and sickened by the losses. The old devil had better watch out because God now has enough bravehearts to put out the fires of hell. Bless them, their families, & the FDNY. A chief or officer may just be hiding their feelings and trying to show how tough they are outwardly, but crying on the inside. Everyone please be kind to each other. Realize that some people may react differently than most, but are hurting as much as the rest.


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            I dont understand the ???? either...but since it happened I have worn a black ribbon and the badge I retired with on my belt with a black ribbon. My volunteer Chief asked all members to be here last night at 7 and we lit candles. We are gonna try and do something to raise money for the fun....

            My girlfriends department bypassed the golf shirts and went to class A uniforms with black bands...
            09-11 .. 343 "All Gave Some..Some Gave ALL" God Bless..R.I.P.
            IACOJ Minister of Southern Comfort
            "Purple Hydrant" Recipient (3 Times)
            BMI Investigator
            The comments, opinions, and positions expressed here are mine. They are expressed respectfully, in the spirit of safety and progress. They do not reflect the opinions or positions of my employer or my department.


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              The point is our Chief did not make an appearnce or even a phone call to our company Lt's to see whats up or ask "hows it goig? or give direction on how to deal with htings. Granted, we dont need our hands held, but the first thing a chief should be is a freind, and that wasnt shown UNTIL i told our D/C that I feel we dont have a chief, that he let us down in the biggest way, and he lost alot of respect. I know personal lives must NOT be interuppted, but just a 5 min phone call or short visit to the kitchen table would have been good. Thanks for all your input.


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                You need to qualify your question, Grark.


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                  I am not a Chief, and don't pretend to be one.

                  However, my guess is that Chiefs right now are busy doing there job. Thinking of things like, Is my department prepared for any possible ramifications from the events of the last week? Like busineeses and homes that may potentially be targeted by "upset" Americans. It's happening. He/She could be buried with Firefighters in his office trying to tell him/her how to do their job, and why they should go to NY or D.C.

                  Might he be pre-occupied with a relative or loved one that was directly affected by this tragedy? The list goes on and on.

                  I'm not sure how big your department is. Mine is 75 Call FF's. If my Chief were to try and call each one, or stop by for a chat at the kitchen table, he wouldn't get any sleep!

                  It seems to me, that you have more issues than this with your Chief.

                  If you've had respect for him up to now, maybe you should stop by and have a chat with him.



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