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Monday's Compelling Third Watch

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  • Monday's Compelling Third Watch

    Monday night's 'Third Watch' on NBC featured two hours of compelling, dramatic first-hand reports from the first New York responders to the World Trade Center on September 11th.

    Please discuss this episode here, and let others know how you felt about these never before seen stories from those who lived through the most tragic day for the World's Bravest.

    Additionally, if you have significant comments about this story, please e-mail [email protected] and provide your name, rank, department name and contact phone numbers where you can be reached Tuesday.

    Thanks for your support,
    Firehouse.com WebTeam

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    It was very moving and humbling.... To see those firefighters and police officer fighting back the tears made me cry. Each and every time I read about something special that happened or some unbelievable story....I cry.

    Cant wait to see the rest of them. I taped them for my girlfriend who is a firefighter paramedic.
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      These guys have a alot of healing to do.

      I just emailed by Rescue 2 friend to tell him that they are the country's inspiration right now. I hope it makes him feel better instead of more burdened.

      Keep the support up if you know any FDNY folks...........


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        very well done. surprisingly with good taste, which is atypical of NBC. We will all remember the heores of 9-11. God Bless FDNY.


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          I found it as disturbing as I thought it would be.

          I expected Third Watch to follow through on its 3-services approach, and I was happy to see that medics were recognized.

          For me, grieving over the loss of so many who willingly ran towards the heart of darkness was underpinned with an underlying resentment of the thought that medics died and were injured at WTC, and were largely unrecognized.

          I thank those, including 3rd Watch, who gave full effort to recognize all of those in uniform, including private sector and investigate members. May we never forget.


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            That was a very moving show. It really told the story better than any news anchor or civilian could. I commend the show's producers and director for organizing such a forum. One of the firefighters said it best....Love your family. Don't take them for granted. That goes for each other. Our extended family. Stay safe everyone!

            Never Forget 9-11-2001

            Stay safe out there!

            IACOJ Member


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              The firefighters, police and EMS personnel did great. The editing was done well and provided a good picture of what it was like to be there.

              The interuption with an NBC news bulletin was inexcusable. It could have waited until this extremely important and timely presentation was finished.

              The length and frequency of commercials was an unwelcome intrusion and a disservice to these true American modern day heros, in MY humble opinion.

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              Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE
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                This was a very moving and humbling show. My helment comes off to all who could talk about this so that everyone can feel what the brothers and sisters in New York are feeling.

                As one said WE SHALL NEVER FORGET THESE HEROS.

                Bend a knee for the brothers and sisters in New York.

                Stay low - Be cool


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                  Very moving. Seeing these men & women expressing thoughts to everyone that normally we would keep to ourselves.

                  The news bulletin could have waited or NBC could have resumed the show from where they interupted. It's not hard to hit the pause button on their VCR.

                  I couldn't read the names as fast as they scrolled but I couldn't see them anyways because of the tears.


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                    On bended knee here in KY, VERY VERY moving show.


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                      Third Watch brought out what we only thought about What it was like. The producers did put it together very well. I salute the wives of the missing firefighters, for their strong will. They represented not only the other wives, but showed the strength that their husbands would have shown if you could have met them.
                      My Blessings are with all of you, wives, children and all the Bravest of New York - Fire - Police - EMS


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                        I felt it was a very good show, with a good time line of how events went. I had a needed cry (again) during the show, but it really hit home when the credits listed the names of the crews and units that are missing!!!

                        Since September 11, I make sure I get a hug and a kiss from my wife, and my 4 and 6 year old boys before I leave for work.

                        Both my boys want to follow in my footsteps and be firefighters. Thank God for future heroes. We will need many more!

                        In a few days following, September 11, our firefighters staged a boot drive that raised $133,000 for the FDNY families. We wish we could do more.

                        God Bless and Protect,

                        Mike McNamara
                        Burlington Fire Department
                        Ontario, Canada


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                          Turned it on, specl. news break, commercial, structure fire! Missed the whole show.

                          Stay Safe


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                            I am sure one day we will all be able to stop crying. I hope it is soon.

                            The show was well done. I agree, the wives were great. Very strong.

                            Be safe


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                              after putting the kids in bed early I watched the last hour and cried for the Hero's in New York. As a fellow Firefighter I can see that the Men and Women are going to need CISD for years to come. The producers of third watch got their stuff together for this one. The show was the start of the healing process for all those involved. To all my brothers and sisters in the Public Service world (stay safe in the years to come)


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