This pilot stopped by the Manchester Airport in New Hampshire today. Thought some of you might this interesting.

"Janusz "J.J." Jaworski a 48 year old businessman and certified flight instructor from Carmel Indiana is embarking on a mission. A mission of mercy, a mission of hope. The Goal is to raise $10 million dollars to aid in disaster relief In New York City as well as to assist the families of victims of the four hijacked airplanes. To accomplish this mission, J.J. will fly from Terry Airport in Central Indiana and land at least once in every state in the contiguous United States! The proposed route of the flight will be about two weeks in duration and approximately 150 take-off and landings. If the goal is not reached in that time J.J. will continue to fly until it is!

One hundred percent will benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The fuel, maintenance, food and lodging which is not donated will be paid for by J.J. himself."