Certainly makes you think, especially us East Coasters.

Includes a couple quotes erie in the aftermath of 9-11 (One geologist said the place he'd want to be in an earthquake: the top of the World Trade Center; another part interviewed Ray Downey on water supply and FD operations after an earthquake)

And the fact that while the East Coast has much fewer and weaker earthquakes, they affect much larger areas -- in 1886 a magnitude 7.3 quake in Charleston, S.C. was felt in Mobile, Alabama -- and cracked brick walls in Harlem! BTW, the Kobe earthquake a few years back in Japan and the Loma Prieta earthquakes where also Magnitude 7s.

(Maybe it's a special subject to me...I rarely watch sports on TV, but I remember watching the Baseball game when Loma Prieta shaked SF and the fires rose in the background!)