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firefighter lisence plate for personal car or truck

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    Nevada has a really nice plate for the Professional/IAFF firefighters.

    There's been a bit of a hullabaloo lately, as vollies were getting them from the DMV by showing their vollie dept. ID. The DMV folks didn't understand the difference.

    Well, the new thing is that the vollies are going to get their very own "Proud to be..." plate that distinguishes them as volunteers. The Professional guys all will have to show the DMV an IAFF card at renewal to keep their's, and the vollies who got them previously will have to trade them in for the vollie ones. Sounds fair enough!

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      Utah has an issued Firefighter plate. It does not matter if you are volunteer or a paid proffessional, the plates are the same. You are issued your numbers, so customization does not occurr?, they look pretty good.

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        In Utah you can get a custom plate, just not as many letters and/or numbers as the general public plate. They are out there. I was debating getting one. What is a good one I could make it say? What about when someone quits the FD or is "released" from the FD, should they relinquish the plate?

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          Customized Plates. Never thought of that.

          Around here we have plates that bolt above our regular plates. They are red, often have the crest of your department, along with your departments name. They look really good. You can spot a vehicle belonging to a firefighter really easy, and it tells you which department they are from.

          Because they are not part of your actual license plate, it is customary at fire department events to "borrow" a few souvenirs and hang them up on the wall back at the station.

          I don't have a picture of ours, but I will try to scan one as soon as the scanner is working.

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            My car is a total bucket, and I'd never disgrace the fire service with putting a Firefighter plate on it. I don't even have my department sticker in my window!

            But when I get my new car in December, I plan on getting a personalized FF plate with either:

            CHIXRL ("Chicks Rule" )
            BNDICT ("Bandicoot" - after the videogame character Crash Bandicoot, since I dinged the back fender on our engine a few weeks ago )
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              cliebold: Medal of Honor

              Oklahoma has one plate with two setups. One with six random letters and numbers with a maltese in the middle. Custom up to six characters with maltese to the left.

              I don't have one, yet. Do have a plate from my VFD on the front of my truck.
              Bryan Beall
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                In Texas we have Volunteer Firefighter license plates and Professional Firefighter license plates with the IAFF logo on the left side of the plate.

                I just got my Professional Firefighter license plates with the IAFF LOGO that reads "THUR D3"

                I display them proudly and I am proud to be a member of the IAFF.

                Comments and opinions are mine and do not represent the agency or IAFF local that I am affiliated with.


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                  Silver city 4: thats correct...
                  Diane: The VA FD logo plate is used by both paid and vol firefighters. The IAFF plate is for paid,current member IAFF only. It's not meant to be vollie bashing as I believe that must vol would love to be getting paid for the job and if qualified seek employment with different cities. Its most often a stepping stone used to get into a paid department. I must say I got as much enjoyment getting paid for it as I got when I wasn't.
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                    joejoe33: is that you badge or eng. company?

                    If badge, In 1975 at my first assignment, eng co 4, I worked with a firefighter Pete Griffith badge 33.
                    Retired VBFD 08/31/98, VBFD Badge 115, Charter Union member local 2924


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                      In reply to your question about "33".

                      Our department has issued its members badge numbers based on seniority. The badge number is the same number on the leather helmet shield. The number is also used for vacation picks in order of seniority. The number is used for accountability and can be used for radio communications.

                      Numbers 1 through 8 are reserved for chief officers. These numbers really have no correlation to seniority.

                      Currently we have numbers 1 through 74. We are hiring three more firefighters December first. When we open station four that will create even more.

                      In the event several memmbers have the same start date of employment, numbers are issued by test scores.

                      Numbers are retired and not reissued when or if a member leaves.

                      Rookies do not get numbers until off probation. Rookies get a "R" for recruit.

                      Joejoe is my nickname and "33" is my number.

                      I hope that helps fill in some blanks for you.

                      Comments and opinions are mine and do not represent the agency or IAFF local that I am affiliated with.


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