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POEM about fire drills

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  • POEM about fire drills

    This poem was posted in another forum, one of my feedback suggested that I move it to here. It is original, I hope you can at least enjoy it. Please feel free to comment on it, you may also use it for fire prevention week education or whatever, provided that you PLEASE just tell me that you are doing so.

    The two simple things
    By Lisa O'(SALO')

    The brave firefighters in uniform
    Boldly venture out into the storm
    To stop the monster blazing wild
    Before it takes another child.

    These are our brothers, sisters, friends,
    Their courage and honor never ends.
    They take on each fire one by one
    And fight and struggle until the job is done.

    There can be no peace quite as sweet,
    Than for them to show up on the street.
    And find the family whose home is ablaze
    To be all safe and sound at their meeting place.

    A fire drill that was done to prepare
    Helped that family get out of there.
    So when they heard the detector sound,
    They knew by practice not to hang around.

    The firefighters still must go
    But the one thing they are glad to know
    Is that the people are all outside
    Which makes the risk of harm subside.

    For here can be no greater loss
    Than for a firefighter to pay the cost
    For his or her service to the community
    With life or limb or tragedy.

    So do your fire drill, do it now.
    And learn about the where and how
    That you can place each fire alarm
    To get you out before any harm.

    If we do these two simple things,
    What joy and sweet relief it brings.
    To the brave souls who will surely come
    To put out the fire if it strikes your home.

    (Written July 24, 2001)
    If you appreciated this poem, Or even if you have criticism, I sure would appreciate any and ALL comments!--Lisa

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    I like it
    "No one ever called the Fire Department for doing something smart..."


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