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Hybrid car fires

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  • Hybrid car fires

    Has anyone out there encountered a fire with one of these little beasts? If you have, what happened, how did you attack, what were the results, and what did you learn? Oh, yeah, any safety issues come up?

    The reason I ask is, I have noticed there is an increase of them around my city. I have read the Hybrid extrication series, but I was wondering what has happend to any of you guys.
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    Well, I have never been to a call involving a hybrid vehicle. In fact, none of the departments in my area have.

    However, I do happen to have Honda's new Emergency Response Guide. Believe me, this one actually has some good information.

    Under Accidents Involving Fire, the guide says, "If the Insight and or IPU compartment(stands forIntelligent Power Unit, which is where the batterys are stored) becomes involved in a fire, there are no unusual hazards, and stardard procedures should be followed."

    Also mentioned is info about the battery, "highly alkaline liquid electrolyte, which is corrosive to human tissue, are used in the manufacturing of the high-voltage battery cells. In the finished cells, the electrolyte is in a non-liquid form and sealed in a metal case... In addition, the electrolyte is non-flamible, non-explosive, and it creates no hazardous fumes or vapors."

    Not sure if that information helps any, but it is the best I have to offer on this subject.

    Good Luck
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