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Firefighters supended six months for taking their gear to WTC

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    PA Volunteer

    Are you too telling fables? Maybe you could support the following quote of yours?

    "is now saying that his department is, always was, and always will be. "

    Please post the time and place that is written, nah just another li out of Dauphin County, PA !!!!!!

    "he just rips apart other people's posts "

    Well boy, put up or just say you are still lting!!!!!!!!!!


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      You're right Larry!

      Tolland County doesn't average a minimum of 3 Engines per station -- they only have 67 Engines in 24 stations, or 2.79 Engines/Station on average. Mon dieux, I was off by 7% for one county! I guess I didn't adjust my numbers to compensate for the fact that TN has 7 of the 15 single engine houses in Eastern Connecticut, six of which are in the towns you specified. Shame on me!
      IACOJ Canine Officer


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        Well Larry, if that's not what you're saying, then you are only inferring it. And if you're not saying it, then what are you saying? That's right, nothing.

        What are you saying? ... while you're at it, why don't you say why you left Fire Rescue?

        Stay Safe and don't kill anyone, Larry


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          Larry! Thank god you're here to keep me advised. I'm actually terrified to be at work today...knowing how worthless the DFW area fire departments are...especially considering we don't have anyway to dispatch 500 engines/1500 firefighters simultaneously with one call.

          Any chance you might want to take over as chief of Garland? I think we could benefit from your bottomless pit of knowledge.


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            You clearly stated in your earlier post that Tolland Fire Department not Tolland County has 4 stations with 3 to 5 engines per station. Why can't you just admit you are wrong? Even the web page doesn't support your exagerations!

            Also admit the daytime staffing issue while you're at it and then finish up with you cannot get 360 engines either!

            Finally, when has the state ever had a major movement of comapnies that couldn't be counted in alarms? NEVER! Get real.


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              You clearly stated in your earlier post that Tolland Fire Department not Tolland County has 4 stations with 3 to 5 engines per station. Why can't you just admit you are wrong?

              Oh, let's see, because that's not what I wrote?

              This is what I wrote:
              Let's see, off the top of my head thats 135 Stations. Stations average 3 to 5 Engines and Engine-Tankers each with few exceptions.

              By the way Mlentocha, I see this is your first post, welcome to the forums!

              [ 10-16-2001: Message edited by: Dalmatian90 ]
              IACOJ Canine Officer


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                It seems to me that this is a lesson in, heaven forbid, obeying orders and using common sense. Anyone who was ordered not to go to New York City and still went violated the most basic rules of our profession. Sure, we all wanted to go help our brothers in the FDNY. I seriously thought about it. But then my math skills took over....BIG PROBLEM + THOUSANDS OF FREELANCERS LOOKING TO MAKE A NAME FOR THEMSELVES = EVEN BIGGER PROBLEMS. I even heard a story that there were several career companies watching the events from a staging area on the opposite shore...obeying the command structure...and waiting for the word to respond....while tons of freelancing volunteers streamed in.

                Oh well. Some things never change.
                "Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends."


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                  Dalmation, you lie like a dog!

                  You wrote, “Isn't Mlentocha, NV about 80 miles East of Fallon, NV? Gotta love Mapquest”. But you are even lying about that too!

                  M Lentocha is easily found in the Tolland phone book for 30 years, not in Nevada.

                  But back to your apparent lack of honesty. You wrote: “Tolland -- 4 Stations… average 3 to 5 Engines and Engine-Tankers “ posted 10-13-2001 10:00 PM Not even close. You don't know anything about this county, fire buff. Come on say it, you are still wrong and trying to cover it up. Be a real man.


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                    LOL Larry.

                    I had that bit about Mlentocha, NV up for about 5 minutes. Go ahead anyone...do it in Mapquest. Puts a star 80 miles east of Fallon...then I realized it didn't find anyplace, just put a star in the middle of the state. For that I apologize.

                    No Larry, I did not write what your trying to tell me I wrote. Thank god you had good proof readers and copy editors in your days at Fire-Rescue, 'cause we see how poorly you write on the web.

                    There is no person with common sense who would interpret what I wrote they way you are trying too. Your editing out key constructs of the post to try and make it so -- sorry, go sell it somewhere else 'cause the firefighters here aren't buying it.

                    Nor do I think many people are going to believe Mlentocha isn't anything but another alter-ego of Larry H. Stevens. If you're not, go ahead and give me a call at 508.793.9137 -- it's my work phone, so just leave a voicemail, I'll return your call. Anybody wanna bet I don't get a call.
                    IACOJ Canine Officer


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                      Dalmation, Larry is just another politician who will twist, turn, or otherwise contort anything to make it into what he wants. He will even do this with numbers and funding in order to "justify" cutting firefighter staffing ... which we all knows kills firemen.

                      Stay Safe and don't kill anyone Larry


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                        I praise the chief, and agree 100% with the decision.

                        How would the chief had felt, if these "Stray" personnnel were seriously injured, or killed while assisting at Ground Zero?

                        FDNY is capable of running there own ICS, and if the help is needed, they wil lcall for it. I am in no way taking away what these firefighters felt in their hearts, but it was not felt just by these select firefighters, it was felt by everyone in the USA and surrounding countries, with the exception of the "Pull starting towel heads".

                        What would have happened to this sight if 1 million firefighter/civilians showed up on the scene? It would have made the situation allot worse than what it already was.

                        Take Care and Be Safe

                        God Speed
                        John Williams
                        City of Clairton
                        Fire / EMS


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                          Way to go chief!!!!!!
                          these firefighters were nothing more then FREELANCERS. They should have bought more "time off" for failing to obey a directive from the commisioner of Suffok Fire-Rescue and Emergency Services stating that no department should respond without being call for by Suffolk FRES.
                          My department (in Suffolk) waited for the call. When we got it we responded and because we followed the "rules" we were called a few times.Yes, we had many members wanting to run right in there and even used the same pooor excuse that the mayor called for "all volunteers". The were told that they would be suspended if they did.
                          We lost family, some good friends and many BROTHERS.


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                            I guess these 4 firefighters did not know about the NYS Mutual Aid Plan. Something all FD's sign as far as I know. The reason there dept did nothig was that they were not asked to assest. The fire service is one in which all you really have to do to get more help is "ASK". OFPC could have activated the mutual aid plan and they could hve had more help than they neded. But you need to remember that in the begining they needed people w/ special skills and that is why USAR teams were rotated in and out of the scene. As for the 6 months suspention I judge it to be a little harsh, but hoe that at the end of it they are still there as members of the FD. FF's are too hard to come by to loose even a few.
                            Stephen J Bourassa
                            Latham FD (NY)
                            member since 1969
                            challenge competitor since 1993


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                              The bottom line is that they disobeyed a direct order NOT to go into the city. They were therefore a hazard to the other firefighters, EMTs, etc. in the city since they were not requested to be there. I think the punishment absolutely fits the crime. They should be grateful they got off so easy. We ALL wanted to go help, but the rest of us used our heads and stayed at the station until we were called. The city appreciated that we did this...they didn't appreciate the freelancers that went into the city to get their pics in the paper. NO ONE is impressed with these baffoons. Stay safe out there.
                              Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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