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Tragedy in USA

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    To my fellow Emergency Services Providers, 9/11/01 will go down as the sadest day in the history of Emergency Services! To all of the fallen FDNY brothers and their families--May God Bless you Always! You will be in our hearts forever!!
    The FDNY will recover, and they will be even stronger! Let us always support one another! Now, more than ever we need to stick together! May God Bless America!
    Stay Safe Everyone!


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      To my brothers at FDNY, our deepest condolences from your Brothers at Local 43. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we stand waiting to come help when needed.

      What do you call that person,
      The one you owe your life?

      What do you call that friend,
      That helped you in your strife?

      Who is it that you call for,
      When death is at your door?

      Who is it that you pray for,
      when your knees fall to the floor?

      In life we have those few,
      Who we count on without fear,

      They stand beside you endlessly,
      and help you shed your tear.

      They help face the demons,
      That come for us at night,

      They boldly stand beside us,
      Beside us they stand to fight,

      When they fall,
      We are there,
      To fight along their side,

      And when they fear,
      We are there,
      to give them a place to hide.

      Through all time,
      Back and forth,
      Never keeping count,

      We stand, Beside each other,
      Wherever trouble mounts,

      It is this special bond,
      That leads one to give his life,

      So that the other one,
      Can return safely to his wife,

      It is because of this relationship,
      And reasons so few can see,

      That every other firefighter,
      Known or unknown to me,

      Will be called my Brother,
      And their Brother will I be.

      -Michael Ballew
      Brothers you will not be forgotten

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        This is when you find out how big the family we all belong to is. Be comforted to know how many round the world truly care and how proud we all are of your actions.

        Jim Maclean
        Senior Station Officer
        New Zealand
        Jim Maclean. IACOJ NZ branch


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          To company #7 responded to the sad call on the morning of 11 sept 01,this day will forever rest in our hearts.

          To the FDNY as well as the rescue workers and Nypd who proved they are the best.A tear for you Rich and the rest of God's children who carried out the Lord's work on this day to save America's lives.......

          A salute to America's true heros,not any football or pro-team.We pray for you men and woman that show this country's true character and honor.

          We will honor you with true dignity for the sacrifice you made this day,the men and woman of the the FDNY are the best.

          Will miss you forever-A very special breed.


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            To the FDNY: Our hearts and prayer go out to you from your brother fire fighters in Southern Indiana. May God watch over you in your search for the living. Stay safe.


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              My heart aches and my tears shed for my fallen brothers and sisters. I know God is protecting them and they are safe from harm. I pray for your family's and the rest of us in this time of need. Please watch over us from your stations in heaven. You will never be forgotten. We will miss you.

              God Bless America

              Chris Mann
              Springfield, MO
              Local 152
              Truck 2



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                I am not a fire fighter,just a mum of 3 young chidren in Australia,but I wanted to pass onto all of you my deepest sympathies at the loss of your work mates and your friends.I may be halfway across the world but distance has not lessened the impact of what has happened,the tears are still flowing daily for me as I try to comprehend what has happened,and what it must be like for you.



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                  As I set and try to figure this all out it is hard to find words that express my feelings. Sadness and grief come to mine, but they do not seem to ease the sorrow. When we take on the task of becoming a Firefighter we know that there will be times that our lives are put in harms way but nothing can prepare us for what has happened this past week.

                  Their are two words that continue to come to mind and are in on almost every post and I have seen on ever Firehouse sign Our Brothers & Sisters of FDNY our thoughts and prayers are with you.

                  Brothers and Sisters of the FDNY keep your heads high, You have served your City and our country. You have lost many friends and commarades, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers. Although the Cowards that committed this attack have yet to show their faces, they will pay for this.

                  Brothers and Sisters of the FDNY you will be in our Thoughts and Prayers. Keep your Heads High.


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                    It has been a trying week for us all. From the Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department, our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to all of our fallen brothers and sisters, as well as those still working to save those still trapped. I must admit this has been one of the most difficult times of my life. I have never had the feeling of wanting to be at a place so bad, and at the same time not wanting to go at all. There is nothing I want more than to be able to help our brothers of the FDNY, but the task is not one that any of us want to have to do. I am so proud of these men and women for the hours that they have put in without breaks, or sleep.

                    I wish there is more that we could do, but at this time my department is on a waiting list like so many others. This weekend we held a car wash with all proceeds to help the FDNY recover from this tragedy. We stood in the middle of the road with boots collecting money. It was quite emotional. Almost every car stopped to give money, and if they didn't have money they gave prayers. An elderly women stopped just because she wanted to shake my hand and thank us for all that we do. She said that we were all heros, but that is not true. We have a job that we take seriously, and are proud that we are able to help others. I told her that we are not heros, but those many brothers that we lost in New York are. They always will be.

                    We never look for praise or thank yous or pats on the back, but it is nice to know that we are appreciated. That our hard work and dedication is noticed. That we are not taken for granted. I appreciate and salute every member of the search and rescue team in New York. I am proud to be of the same breed, with the eagerness to help fellow man. I only wish there were more I could do.

                    For those that we have lost this week: Although I didn't know them personally, I loved them. They were family. They were brothers. They will be missed.

                    God bless each and every one of you. Lets keep our brothers of the FDNY in our hearts and in our prayers.

                    Rick Tomnay
                    FireFighter Castle Shannon VFD
                    Castle Shannon, PA


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                      On behalf of the Indian Harbour Beach Volunteer Fire Department I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to the FDNY family in the wake of last Tuesday's tragedy.

                      "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends"
                      John 15:13

                      Your bravery and dedication in dealing with this disaster is an inspiration to us all. I have never been prouder to be a New Yorker, an American or a Firefighter.

                      God Bless You All.

                      Patrick Fallon

                      Fire Chief
                      Indian Harbour Beach Volunteer Fire Department
                      Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.


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                        I have sadly heard that some of our own have deceitfully carried cameras into the site at Ground Zero with the intention of getting pix for the media. In some cases supposedly they have been seeking monetary gain. How sad!!!! Everyone seems to want to be a hero. For those of you that haven't realized it, we already know who the heros are, NYFD. Let's hope that Congress realizes the same in the future.


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                          I have'nt been the same since this whole thing has happened, and neither have my fellow firefighters here. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to console my friend and neighboor from NYFD Rescue 3, and I could'nt help but feel so bad for him. He's seen, and had to do things that make you skin crawl.

                          To all firefighters thoughout the world, be safe my fellow brothers and sisters. God bless us all throughout this terribale ordeal, and the family and members of FDNY & NYPD.


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                            I am a volunteer fire fighter from New Oxford, PA and i was in New York City the Friday just before the attack. I visited Eng. 54 and Ladder 4. The guys that were there were great guys. They welcomed us into there firehouse with open arms. They were the best guys you'd ever want to meet. I have an Eng. 54 T-shirt that my mom had given to me after staying in a hotel beside the firehouse 10 years ago. One of the fire fighters commented on that old shirt. It was great for me to finally see where that old shirt came from. This being the very first time I was ever in the city. Just before they got tapped out on a run I asked him if he loved hiss job. His reply was everything I had expected. He said he loved his job. Little did I know what the future held in store for this man. I never did get that fire fighter's name, now I wish I did. For that may have been the last time I'll ever see that fire fighter. Even though I was there for such a short time and I don't really know those men, I can't help but feel a little connection to that firehouse and the people that were in it that day. I hurt and get a little teary eyed when I think that they, those same guys I spoke to that Friday may have died just four days later. It's hard to believe and I don't think that the reality has truely set in yet. Well I will go on wearing that old " Pride of Mid Town " shirt and I will go on wearing my brand new Eng. 54 Ladder 4 shirt. I will say a prayer every tome I put that shirt on. So, to the fire fighters of Eng. 54 and Ladder 4. My thoughts and my prayers are always with you. " JOB WELL DONE LADS "


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                              I am a student at A vocational school called C-9. We are taking the firefighter course. And we are trying to show our support the best we can. So we are putting our recards on the net. Thank you for all you have done and we hope we are as well trained and brave as you all are and the ones we lost.
                              Thank You for every thing.
                              MAy god Bless us all!!


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                                All the Firefighters and EMS of Garfield, NJ send out their deepest sympathy to all the Fallen Heros of this disaster. They will never be forgotten. God Bless us All!


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