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Tragedy in USA

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    I am like all of you. I am sad, I am devastated, I am sickened at what has happened in this country and especially hurt as it relates to our brothers and sister in FDNY. New York is four hours away, I have a couple of professional associates there, but I feel pain as if it were my back yard and each and everyone of them were my family.

    They are my family, they are firefighters.

    There is one emotion that I am not feeling and that is surprise at the monumental loss of life to the members of FDNY. I am not surprised that the first responders to one of the greatest tragedies the world has ever known were firefighters.

    I am not surprised that while we were still under vicious attack additional firefighters were still being called in to respond into this war zone.

    I am not surprised that while 23,000 gallons of flaming jet fuel, debris and bodies were falling from the sky, that firefighters were rushing into the building trying to clear the stairways of the thousands of fleeing innocent civilians.

    It is not a surprise that while 11,000 members of FDNY are working to rescue and recover civilians and their own members that many more thousands of firefighters from across the country are volunteering and arriving to help, dig, sweat, and risk their lives along side of them.

    I am not surprised that when the command staff and command post was destroyed and members killed that the operation continued and others stepped up courageously to fill the void.

    It is not a surprise that while the horror was unfolding in New York that in Washington DC Firefighters were doing exactly the same thing, protecting our military commanders by inserting themselves into immediate danger between the flames and results of terrorist attack, and our nations military command.

    Their story is no different from FDNY, but certainly they did not face the horrible loss of life that happened in New York.

    I am not surprised that some of the most dramatic images of hope that we witnessed from both scenes were images of firefighters stopping their work to raise and display the American flag.

    I am not surprised that in these hectic and turmoil filled eight hours thousands of firefighters paid and volunteer rushed to their firehouses all over the United States to be available to serve their community.

    In these same horrible eight hours thousands of emergency medical calls, fires and other emergency calls were handled across this nation as they are everyday by the nation's fire service

    In the days, weeks and months that will follow, firefighters remain ready to serve their communities, in spite of the horrible loss that we all feel for our comrades in FDNY.

    It is just what we do.

    Peter Lamb
    Former Fire Chief
    Tiverton, RI
    FDNY Tribute World Trade Center


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      My prayers are with all of the NYFD and there familys and all the Victims

      I lost some family in the plane that hit north WTC i know the sorrow and grief that comes with loss off Family and friends and i treat Every NYFD and firefighter everywhere else As family I wish you all Good and god bless

      Aaron Archer
      Aspiring Firefighter
      Lakewood CO
      ICQ 88959520


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        Ever since I got into the Fire Service, I wondered what it would be like to ride with FDNY. Sadly, on September 11th, 2001 I got that chance. Seventeen dedicated memebers from my fire station went to NYC to help out our fellow Brothers and Sisters of FDNY. The things I saw, smelled, and tasted I will never forget. My Heart and Prayers goes out to all the Emergency Service workers not just those of FDNY and their families. I will always think of you and remember you in my prayers. And to all my Brothers and Sisters all over the world Take care and stay safe.



        Heather Helm
        EMT-B/Firefighter II
        Station 13
        Carroll County, Maryland
        "The above statement is my opinion and not that of my station."


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          I am still in shock as to the magnitude of this tragedy. I believe that something died inside of all firefighters worldwide. The entire planet has been affected and are coming together in total unity.

          The fire service too, as united as we are, have been lax in the recent past. One thing we all can do to honor our fallen brothers and sisters is to reaffirm our brotherhood and camaraderie with each other.

          God Bless all firefighters and keep them safe.


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            Words cannot begin to express our sense of sadness at the tragic and wasted loss of our brothers and sisters of the FDNY & NYPD, the brave men and women of our Armed Forces at the Pentagon and the passengers aboard the four airliners. Our's is a job that many envy, few understand and is beloved by those in the brotherhood.
            We at Dalmatian Productions extend our heartfelt condolences to the entire FDNY. May the memories of the tradition, dedication and pride of all those members who answered their Final Alarm, serve as a reminder to all Americans, that it's not the sports figures who earn millions, nor the actor with a starring role, but the 1.2 million men and women of this country's fire/rescue/ems service who are the TRUE, American Heroes.

            Steven S. Greene, Executive Producer
            Richard B. Bray, Co-Executive Producer
            Thomas J. Mitten, Producer & Director
            Learn from the Past, Observe the Present & Create the Future...


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              To the brothers and sisters that lost their lives in NY... I know that I speak for everyone here in Local 80. Our hearts and prayers goes out to each and every family that lost a loved one.

              May God hold you all in his arms and comfort you in your time of need. Although you are gone you shall never be forgotten.

              God Bless those who risk their lives to save others...such is the life we lead.

              Shauna Tanner
              Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services


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                Up in Alaska, we feel so very far away, but we are feeling your pain just the same. We wear black bands, our engines are bearing ribbons and people see this and think of you. We are writing your names on our hearts, our helmets, our sleeves. We will not forget you! And we eagerly look to see FDNY rise up from the debris!


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                  I know I speak for all the members of my shift when I say we grieve with you over the loss of your comrades and work brothers. We stand beside you all and offer our support in your time of need and pray for the strength to carry on our tasks when it seems too hard or just damn unfair. God Bless all those who work to protect the people.
                  Chris Daniel


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                    From myself and on behalf of Jimboomba Rural Fire Brigade, I wish to express my sincere condolonces to the families and collegues of the Firefighters (and other emergency personell) who lost their lives on Tuesday morning. To the firefighters and other rescue personell still working at the scene, my heart goes out to you all.
                    I have watched it on TV from the moment I got home and my partner said 'There is a fire in the WTC. They think a plane hit it' That in itself was hard to believe but as I watched, the tragedy unfolded. Then to see an ametuer video of the tower collapsing, and hear the distress units sounding off was just a feeling I cannot describe. Only a firefighter knows the gut wrenching feeling to hear one of those going off and know one of their own is down.
                    Sitting here in Australia, is hard. Knowing we are not able to assist you all and give you a break. But I am willing you the strength to carry on and find your fallen family. Good luck and love to you all.
                    Stay Safe


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                      As The daughter of a Firechief, Airport Fire Service,and extremely close to a Georgian Firefighter,my heart goes out to the families and co-workers of the fallen, firefighters in New York.I worry constantly about such things, for my friend.I am in Australia and if I could donate blood or anything, I would be honoured.
                      God rest their souls for they have earned the rest.


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                          As a fellow FireFighter on the west coast my entire family would like to send our deepest condolences,to the families who's bravest paid the ultimate sacrifice.Our hearts greive with you.Your ongoing strength and courage is an example for all of us.Our prayers are with you and your children.
                          The last couple of shifts I've worked, people have asked how can I help? Here's one way to help the families of FDNY FireFighters.Los Angeles County Fire Departments Union Local 1014 has created a Disaster Fund along with our credit union.
                          Just call 1-800-222-1226 for the F&A Credit Union for all the honest info and "How you can help!"
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                            to all FDNY personell, all members of the shiloh fire department in shiloh, ga send there love prayers and support. we were able to raise $340.00 for the FDNY 9-11 disaster relief fund by having a boot drive. ya'll hang in there.
                            sean marion


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                              Many are sisters and brothers that I have never met
                              But for their deaths I have wept
                              Their time had come
                              God took them home
                              More smoke breathing angels
                              To watch over those they left behind
                              Each day I pray for the families
                              Who have had loved ones taken away
                              I pray for the safety of the rescuers
                              As they perform their grueling task
                              Looking for survivors
                              From this horrible attack
                              Lets stay safe my sisters and brothers
                              As we do our duty to protect
                              The lives and property of others
                              And always remember our fallen comrades
                              GOD BLESS FDNY

                              Brad Stucky Capt.
                              Bryan Fire Department
                              Bryan, Ohio


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                                Heartfelt Prayers go out to ALL who are suffering from the GREAT loss in New York and Washington. Thanks to all rescue, fire and police officials who are enduring through the loss of thier fellow brothers and sisters. Continue to be brave in the face of terror, GOD WILL BE WITH YOU. Your country LOVES YOU!!! God Bless America.
                                Andrew J Brabble
                                Colerain Volunteer Rescue Squad


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