Anyone who would like to purchase t-shirts which benefit the children / widows endowment fund of FDNY, and one of my ex-chiefs from my volly's (FDNY member) who was killed in the line of duty at the Trade Center, please e-mail me and reply to this post.

The shirt(s) are normally $10 each. I don't have a picture of either at hand (kind of computer illiterate), but would be looking to sell a pair of them for $20 + shipping.

E-mail me when you get a list, and we'll work on the price. TRUST me, I' wont make a dime! Other than my word on this, I don't know how else to express my position except that there are families out there wanting some help, and being that they are firefighters families, they wouldn't ask for help. They deserve it.

God bless the brothers. May they all be brought home soon.

Be safe.

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