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    Looking for departments that pay extra for hazmat or technical rescue teams or education or EMT/Paramedic. Thanks.

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    Most of the departments in the Dallas, Texas area pay extra for your skills. I get 50 a month for my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, 100 a month for my paramedic, 25 a month for being a FTO, when we get a haz mat team they will pay 25 a month, 25 a month to be a ham radio operator, 25 for a diver, and the list goes on. Most of the 25 a month things are kinda up in the air. It all depends on the budget as to what gets paid.
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      FF E5,

      Up here in Massachusetts many departments try to get a percentage for their training adn certifications. Many departments I know of get about 10% for EMT, and those that run ALS get 15%. I get 15% for an Associates or Bachelor's degree in Fire Science. Many departments are trying to get what is called the Quinn Bill. It allows for 10% for an A.S., 15% for B.S. and 20% for a Masters. Some departments also get money for extra training like defibrillator adn Haz - Mat though I understnad that the boys on the state haz - mat teams get money from the state through their respective departments. Percentages are the way to go if you can get them because as your pay goes up, and most likey teh call volume, the more your skills are being used and you are justly compensated.

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        Our department pays extra for the following:

        For things like:
        Hazmat Team
        Swift water rescue
        Confined space
        Extrication specialist
        Paramedic Bike patrol

        Etc, etc.

        There is no direct compensation but they do pay for your training, sponsor you in these courses, and of course when there is an incident you get called back for overtime.

        Personnally, I think there is a problem with this set-up and has been demostrated within our dept. They are always kicking people off our teams for non-participation. I think a monthly stipend could fix that issue for us.
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