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Captain 12 Miami update Protest on Sat 9-29-01

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  • Captain 12 Miami update Protest on Sat 9-29-01

    Just when we thought Miami was bad, the shiits hiting the fan again. It gets really bad, this time...

    The Blacks and the ACLU in Miami are going to protest to support the 3 firemen that will not ride on fire trucks with the American flag...

    To support their freedom of speech, OK talk, but do your job...

    They have no idea what they are talking about.

    A. It started as against their religion...

    B. It was obstructing their view...

    C. Now it's their freedom of speech...

    WHAT NEXT...

    Can't they make up their minds???
    the Answer is Yes, in their little minds it's job security, Miami can't fire them now, because it would be against something,, we don't know what, but they have tapped danced and changed every story they come up with...

    Comming soon to a court near you.

    We the real Americans and brother firefighters are tired of this, Please call your local IAFF and have them call and or write the miami local IAFF... Do You Want Your Dues to pay for anything that comes close to this kind of crapola...

    They need to protest where somebody cares.
    we Care about the American Flag

    So now if they protest and riot they will get their job back, Because Miami don't what the fighting in the streets...

    We should call out the national gaurd to save Miami or to keep them from coming north to Broward County

    Please help...

    And the last American out of Miami please take our Flag

    Captain 12

    God Bless our Flag and our fallen Brothers

    edit Protest Time 5:00PM Sat 9-29-01
    downtown Miami Freedom Park
    roit Time TBA

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    Man do I have bad news. If the ACLU is involved, those pieces of crap will get their jobs back, will get rich and will have the support of every finatical, racially motivated, pro black, down with the white man, looting in the streets, welfare scum sucking drain on the American Tax payer in the entire world. I am not a racist. I have been through the cultural diversity class and I found out that I can be politically correct if I just hate stupid people. And I hate people that take advantage of a situation, knowing they will be opressed, knowing they will be fired and knowing that in a few months time, will be rich as hell. These guys came up with a plan to get crap from their boss so they could turn it around and make a profit. This had nothing to do with the American flag. This is made clear by their inability to come up with a reason why they refused to serve and protect. I havent been this ****ed since MASH went off the air. Sure the reruns are nice but god dammit I wanna see new episodes!!!!! And this situation with the crap-a-doodle-doo butt holes is going to make the IAFF or anyone who gets in the way of their money making scheme look like road kill. There is no way to get out of this situation. They already have a solid case. Racial discrimination. And the only defence for that is to nail your nuts to the floor and empty your wallet. Anyway, hows your day going? Good? We slept all night last shift so Im excited about that. I got new tires on my truck. They are pretty cool. Im gonna go get drunk and pretend this conversation never happened. If anybody needs me, Ill be in the corner drinking wine out of the bottle.
    My comments posted here do not reflect the views of my department.


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      good reply Tex


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        Last I had heard the ACLU was backing up the Fire Chief in his decision to fire the scum bags. Their stance was that it is not forcing someone to pledge allegience to it or something like that. The firefighters most definately had the right to say that the flag represents oppression. The flag itself stands for that right. They even had the right to object to them being on the trucks. They had no right to endager the citizens or fellow workers lives by refusing to ride the trucks. I don't think that legally they are going to have a leg to stand on.

        One other thought...
        I sure hope some of my friends in Miami get on the jury if it goes to a jury trial!!

        Freedom of speech allows you to say things about the flag.
        Freedom of speech allows you to burn the flag.
        Freedom of speech allows you to call the very system that provides you your freedom, an oppressive government.
        Freedom of speech is given to all citizens of this county.
        Our civil liberties are very important to this country and I would never want them taken away...
        but if you work in a para-military organization (which just happens to be a government agency) Then you must follow orders or face disciplenary action. You are free to voice your opinions, however you must do so in a manner that doesn't affect service to your community.
        Firefighters do not go on strike... and that is what these men did.
        I hope that the Miami-Dade fire department will use all it's legal resources to handle in a positive way, this unfortunate incident.

        be safe brothers
        Be safe brothers


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          You know the old saying;

          "Love it or leave it"

          Unfortunately, people like many of you and myself, have also served to protect the very ideals that have given these 3 scumbags, the ACLU and others rights that they couldn't have anywhere else. Where else can you fight for freedom, and then have some lowlife curse you for providing the freedom that gives them the right to curse you. Go figure.

          Slander the flag, burn the flag, refuse to ride on a fire truck flying the flag, NOT WHILE I'M STANDING THERE. I am ashamed to know that they are/have been a part of our profession.

          Keep the faith brothers

          Be safe


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            I have an idea....can we just deport them? obviously they arent citizens. I have an uncle who is fijian, he came to the US, is now a US citizen and he is one of the few people, besides the ones i served with in the Marines and serve with in fire fighting, that has such awesome respect and love for this country and this country's Flag. I find it sickening that someone who lives and works here can make claims towards our flag or this country and then hide under his rights given by this flag and this country as a way to justify it. If you are one of those fire fighters and get on this site and read this post, know that you make me sick. Hiding behind religious beliefs as a way to avoid doing your job because the flag of the great country that gives you such rights is hanging on your fire truck is just a cop out and appalling.

            Be safe out there my brothers.

            These are only my opinions and do not reflect those of my departments.

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              bringin this back to see if you have an update cap


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                I, like most of you, feel these scumbags have the right to the freedoms that make this country so great...However nowhere in our rights does it say "have a right to be a firefighter (the best job in the world).

                Just one more case of a loop hole in our great system that some lazy SOB is using to get something for nothing.

                Stay safe


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