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New Fire Station Designs

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  • New Fire Station Designs

    Hi everyone,

    Yes, there are many questions and some answers to the events this past month with WTC and all, but with all this, I have a request and some questions to anyone or everyone..

    We are looking at building a new fire station facility for the department I am with... The problem is that we have so many ideas and questions being asked about what size, how big of training classroom area and others like that....

    With this, I am asking that anyone out there that has gone through this type of, what would you say 'Buidling Pain', could help us, we would be grateful... What we are looking for is any rough design of any type of station facility, ideas or comments on what we should be looking at and anyother ideas or help that we can get.....

    A little background on the department is at this time,it is located in West Texas, just south of the City of San Angelo, within Tom Green County. We have at this time, 32 active members and 18 others from Explorers to Ladies group. We have four (4) trucks- a 5 ton 6X6 LWB Military 1600 gal. truck that is our big bursh/grass, tanker and pumper truck; a 1200 gal. tanker/pumper truck; a 750 gal brush/grass truck and a 1 1/4 ton Dodge rescue/utility truck... Looking at adding two more trucks, an engine and second tanker, in the very near furture....

    Any plans, designs or just good information can also be sent to the below e-mail addresses or you can send them to the address listed below.

    Any email replays can be sent to [email protected] or to [email protected]...

    Address for the department is;

    Pecan Creek VFD
    % Mike Dominy, Capt.
    1174 Reece Rd #56A
    San Angelo, Texas 76904-4219

    Mike Dominy, Capt.

    Be Fire Safe out there, everyone.....
    Mike D.

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    Hers' one spot for starters. There are others that I'll try to dig out.

    Cole Russel Architects

    If the link above doesn't work, go to the Fire Chief magazine website. There is a graphic link on the right side, near the top of the web page.


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      the think you need to do is think down road like what will you have for trucks in 10 years.

      and some coping other town firehouse is a good idea like what like my town did just made some charged
      Firemen and Emts
      God bless them


      300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


      Upper 300x250