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    I appologize if this is out of place and not posted at the right time, but I feel like making a few giggles. Its good to laugh, especially during an emotional time like this. So here goes, and don't take it personally, Im just trying to spread some joy.

    Acronyms are funny, especially the ones I have. Well, thats to be debated but here is a list on my favorites. Feel free to add to the list.

    CHAOS - Chief Has Arrived On Scene

    EMT - Extra Man on the Truck

    ECA - Equpiment Carrying A** hole

    TMB - Too Many Birthdays (old folks home)

    NFPA - No FUC*ing Practical Application

    Survive Air - Surprise Air (because its is a 'surprise' when air comes out of the second stage regulator)

    PIERCE - (the R is silent)

    OK so I dont have alot. But at least one of them had to crack a smile. Keep your heads up and continue to do the job you are paid (or not) to do. The last thing I want the crap eating people who did this is to see us down and out. And for Gods sake call your mother. This is twice as hard on them as it is on us.
    My comments posted here do not reflect the views of my department.

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    *giggle* I agree laughter is the best medicine and right now our Nation needs a Big Dose!
    Just Me


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      FUBAR: F*** Up beyond all recognition
      Had a call a few years ago where pt attempted to rearrange his face with a 12 guage.

      GOMER: Get outta my E.R.

      C.C.: Crispy Critter

      APACK: A** pack-Rear end accidents


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        DRT- Dead right there
        ART- Assuming Room Temperature
        FM- Freakin magic


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          CDT - Circling the Drain
          FDGB - Fall Down, Go Boom


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            NDMF - Non Driving Mother F***er

            JAFO - Just Another F***ing Observer

            SNAFU - Situation Normally All F***ed Up
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              BOHICA (pronounced booohica)- Bend Over Here It Comes Again

              Typically used just before contract negotiations or budget talks begin.

              IACOJ and proud of it

              Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.


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                And appropriate to the forums.


                Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard.
                Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
                Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.


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                  ALS: Always last to show

                  BLS: Bring lots of stuff

                  MEDIC: My education doesn't include carrying


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                    KFB: Ker-Fuc*ing Boom
                    BKFB: Big Ker-Fuc*ing Boom
                    It's a jungle out there. You have to watch out for number 1, but be careful not to step in number 2! - Rodney Dangerfield

                    Some people are like slinkies, not really good for anything but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.

                    Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.


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                      Originally posted by onebugle View Post
                      MEDIC: My education doesn't include carrying
                      I love that one (even as a medic), it's fitting.

                      NUG-New Useless Guy
                      FNG-F#%@ing new guy
                      PUHA-Pick Up and Haul ***


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                        DDSBS: different day, same BS.
                        JASDIP: just another s****y day in Paradise!
                        ESBU: everyone sucks but us

                        FART: Firefighter Assistance and Rescue Team (a friend of mine's Chief actually put out a memno stating that ther company assigned to be the RIT would be called the Firefighter Assistance and Rescue Team... Fire Alarm used the acronym FART and it has stuck since! )

                        A local restaurant that specializes in BBQ uses the acronym SWAT: smokin' wicked and tasty!
                        ‎"The education of a firefighter and the continued education of a firefighter is what makes "real" firefighters. Continuous skill development is the core of progressive firefighting. We learn by doing and doing it again and again, both on the training ground and the fireground."
                        Lt. Ray McCormack, FDNY


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                          wud- woke up dead
                          frog- f***ing really old guy
                          engine 163 to command .. tell engine 165 we got it they can take up and return

                          engine163 to county fire SEND ME EVERYTHING


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                            DRT= Dead Right There
                            DRTNGU=Dead Right There, Not Getting Up
                            ADD= All Done Dancing
                            SWAT= Sewer, Water and Traffic (small town cop joked about calling himself this)
                            ****= Special Hazard Incident Team
                            HURT= Heavy Urban Rescue Team
                            Jason Knecht
                            Township Fire Dept., Inc.
                            Eau Claire, WI

                            IACOJ - Director of Cheese and Whine
                            EAT CHEESE OR DIE!!


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                              Found the mother lode....

                              AAA Armed agiated a**hole
                              ADB c/ NAD - Acute Dirt Bag with No Acute Distress
                              AMFYOYO Adios Mother F***er you're on your own
                              ATLA Abbrievated TLA for two letters.
                              BESSG Blonde emergency services sexual groupie
                              BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again
                              BSAD Blue-shirt ambulance driver.
                              BTFOM Beats The F* Outta Me
                              BTHFOM Beats The Hairy F* Outta Me
                              BTW Balls To the Wall
                              BWS Beached Whale Syndrome
                              CBPUT Certified bed pan/urinal tech
                              CF Cluster F*ck
                              CCFCCP Coo Coo For CoaCoa Puffs
                              CHAOS Chief has Arrived on the scene
                              CPR Come Put-em-ta Rest
                              CRAFT Can't Remember A F___ing Thing
                              CRI Cephalic-rectal inversion;
                              CRS Can't remember s***
                              CSCC c-spine clearing canines
                              CTD Circling The Drain (see: Close To Death)
                              CYA Cover your ***
                              DFDCGU Done fell down, can't get up
                              DFO Done Fell Out (or Over)
                              DFO-SFJ Done Fell Out Screaming For Jeezus
                              DFU Done F**ked Up
                              DILLIGAS - Do I Look Like I Give A Sh*t
                              DIN Dispatcher Is (going) Nuts - too many alarms
                              DIRTBAG Dirty Indigent Requesting Transport Because Alchohol Gives him seizures
                              DND Damn near dead
                              DOASTW Dead On Arrival, and Stayed That Way
                              DRT Dead right there
                              DRTTTT Dead Right There, There, There, and There
                              (used after pedestrian/train altercations)
                              DSA Dying Spoata Act (Usually accomp. with tachyLORDYa)
                              DVR Darth Vader Respirations
                              DWPA died w/ paramedic assistance
                              DYRTIGAF - Do You Really Think I Give A (hmmm...)
                              EKGFLB EKGs funny little bumps
                              EMS earn money sleeping
                              EMS (urban/ challenged management definition) - Every Minute Sucks
                              EMT early morning transporter
                              EMT Extra-ordinary Masochistic Tendancies
                              EMT-NP EMT Nasal Plumber
                              ETLA Extended Three Letter Acronym - any acronym with more than three letters
                              FD fu**ing drunk
                              FDGB Fall Down... Go Boom
                              FF Frequent flyer
                              FUI F**ked up individual
                              FIBD Found In Bed Dead
                              FLA Four or Five Letter Acronym
                              FLB funny little beats
                              FNG frigging new guy
                              FORD Found On Road Dead
                              FUBAR Fouled/F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition/Redemption
                              GDA gonna die anyway
                              GOMA Get out of My Ambulance
                              GOMER Get Out of My Emergency Room
                              GPH Goddamns Per Hour
                              GSH Giant Sweat Hog
                              GTO granny tipped over
                              H&H Haney haul [an episode of "Green Acres" had Mr. Douglas and his wife meeting Mr. Haney in the parking lot of the Hooterville hospital. He said he was there for his "free" operation, having had his tonsils removed last week and was getting his appendix removed that day. He said he was a big fan of that new Medicaid!]
                              HBD (or SBD) (S)he Be Dead
                              HIF Hysterical Italian Family (Can be interchangable)
                              HMFIC Head Mother F***er in Charge
                              HUA - Head Up ***
                              IBM Incredible Barfing Man
                              IDM it don't matter
                              IJADAD I'm Just A Dumb Ambulance Driver
                              (Used in court after a bad call, "I was driving, I didn't even touch
                              the pt)
                              JAFO Just Another Freaking Observer
                              JFA Jive Funk Attack or Just F**king Around
                              LASGLH Lights and sirens, go like hell
                              LOL Little old Lady
                              LOL FOF NAD Little old lady, found on floor, in no acute distress.
                              LOLINAD little old lady in no apparent distress
                              LT Lifetime trainee
                              MAGGOT Medically Able, Go get Other Transportation
                              MDFO Multiple Done Fell Out
                              MFFLB multifocal funny little beats (see FLB)
                              MICN May I interupt (your) Call Now
                              MMMMW My Mother Made Me a Wimp
                              MTF Metabolize To Freedom
                              NARS Not a rocket scientist [this one is actually from New Mexico];
                              NKDA Not Known, Didn't Ask
                              OWO On the way out.
                              NTID Non Traumatic Injury, Dumbass!
                              PD Pretty Drunk
                              PGBFH ParaGoddess B*tch From Hell (do not assume a PGBFH is female)
                              PIA Pain In the ***
                              PID Paramedic Induced Death
                              PIM patient is mangled
                              PITA Pain In The ***
                              PST Positive Samsonite Tendencies, as in the pt. greets you at the door
                              with suitcase in hand
                              PUHA Pick up Haul ***!
                              PVL Patient Very Large
                              ROLE Recognition of Life Extinct
                              SC S**t call
                              S2D2 See SSDD
                              SCENE Severe Coronary Event, Not Ending
                              SHPOS Sub-Human Piece of S---
                              SID Spoata In Distress (Spoata's are those that think abusing EMS is
                              their God given right! - "You Spoata take take me to da hospitil")
                              SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fouled/F***ed Up
                              SOCMOB Standing On the Corner, Minding my Own Business
                              SOI S*** On It
                              SOL S*** Outta Luck
                              SOS,DD Same Old S***, Different Day
                              Squirrel a zealous firefighter
                              SSDD same s*** different day
                              SWAG Scientific Wild *** Guess
                              TA Two letter Acronym
                              TF BUNDY Totally F**ked, But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet
                              TLA Two or Three Letter Acronym
                              TMB too many birthdays
                              TRO Time Ran Out.
                              UY Up yours [most people stand there thinking, "University of where?"]
                              WNL We Never Looked!
                              WWW Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy
                              You only have to be stupid once to be dead permanently
                              IACOJ Power Company Liason
                              When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution
                              and is willing to take command. Very often, that individual is crazy. - Dave Barry.


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