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Our Saddest Day...Our Finest Hour

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  • Our Saddest Day...Our Finest Hour

    September 11th will always be remembered not only as one of the worst days in American history but also as the worst day in the history of the fire service. Never have we lost so many brothers and sisters at one incident. But out of their bravery has come a benefit for all of us: The American public has remembered that there is a group of men and women dedicated to saving lives and protecting property even at the cost of their own life.

    Have you noticed all the attention we as Firefighters are receiving from the general public and the media? When's the last time you heard politicians and entertainers talking about Firefighters? How often have total strangers come up and told you "Thanks for everything you guys do" when they notice your F.D. t-shirt? (This happened to me at a local store). When have little kids ever come up and asked for your autograph, just because you're a Firefighter? (This happened to our Squad crew at a high school football game last night.)

    I am very proud to be a Firefighter right now. The Brothers and Sisters of FDNY can stand tall and proud for the examples of bravery and humanity that they have shown us all in the face of unbelievable horror. We in the Fire Service can be proud of they way we have come together to help our own. It's incredible the amount of money that is being raised across the country. It's amazing to see the tributes for the FDNY fallen from different departments all over the world that are showcased here on Firehouse.com. The Fire Service can be proud of all that we have accomplished in the past and the public trust we have earned now and in the future.

    As frightening as the possibility of future terrorist attacks may be to everyone, the American public knows that their Firefighters will be there to help them no matter what and that's something we can all be proud of.

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    I could not have said it better myself... so many of us think the same.

    It's just sad to see that so many times before 9-11-01, our services, and even sacrifices, would hardly be noticed, now it is the focus of all.

    But here we are, and so many handle this with such grace, I hope I can do the same.

    I love all you brothers and sisters out there... keep your heads up, and keep in mind that what doesn't kill can only bring more strength.

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    Hey, it's MY opinion, not that of my department or peers.


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      My only reply can be AMEN Brother!

      I participated in a boot drive yesterday raising over $36,000 for the widows and childrens fund. I had a lady drive up and give me 2 $50 bills and say...My cousin is a f/f and among the missing. What the hell can you say to that????

      Stay safe
      09-11 .. 343 "All Gave Some..Some Gave ALL" God Bless..R.I.P.
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        Wow, captstanm1, I'm truely sorry you had to get that.

        I think in a way this whole incident has been good for us as a nation. People seem to be a little nicer and more willing to help each other. Strangers smile at each other and are willing to help one another. I think this will make us all realise the true values that America stands for.

        I just hope that a year or two down the road, people remember this day and remember us then.

        Stay safe and God bless our Fallen Brothers and Sisters.
        Bless all of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters. You will not be forgotten


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          I LOVE YOU POST

          and God bless us All


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            If we all lived our lives with the values those brothers and sister rescuers exhibited, think what a great nation this would be. Their courage, integrity, giving spirit, humor, and duty to country are truly an inspiration to all. Let's make sure we remember their sacrifices for the rest of our lives and our children's lives.

            Never Forget 9-11-2001

            Stay safe out there!

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              As we say in the Elks Lodge "To Our Absent Brothers...."


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                It is nice to see people making an effort to be kinder to each other and to those of us involved in the fire service and rescue service. I hope this continues although I have already seen signs that some people are going back to their old selfish ways. All I know is that most of us never expect to hear a thank you for the job we do...we love what we do and that is the most important thing to most of us. It is nice to hear people saying the words but it is sad that we had to pay such a high price to gain their respect and well wishes. GOD BLESS
                Never forget those who went before and sacrified to make us better and stronger as a fire service and a nation. 09-11-01 forever etched in time and our memories. God Speed Boys!


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                  People used to think I was nuts to be as "involved" in fire service as I was when I wasn't even on a department. Now they are at least starting to realize what I've seen over and over again-firefighters come in all shapes, sizes and colors, with temperaments to match, but they all have a few things in common: heart and dedication come to mind...
                  There is no such thing in my experience as "being on the outside looking in" when it comes to dealing with firefighters. They take you in as their own and, at least in my case, they become your own.
                  It's a very small world out there, folks. It's nice to know when the s*$# hits the fan and you dial 9-1-1 there will never come a day when nobody shows up. Tragedies tend to act as a wake-up call. I think one of the best legacies of those who were lost is what you see now: all people coming together to take care of each other. Isn't that what those in fire service have done throughout time?
                  P.S. Summit Twp and Saline Area Fire: I am in your debt always.

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