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Listen Up, don't fall prey

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  • Listen Up, don't fall prey

    Listen up my breathern, I'm already getting P.O.ed at the knee jerk reaction alot of folks are having towards the U.S. Citizens with ethnic roots in the mid-east. To attack, abuse, or in some cases even murder a citizen of the United States of America because of their heritage, or appearance is wrong! I have read posts here from some claiming to be of the Brotherhood calling for the harasment & abuse of people in these United States because of their appearance or heritage. Please quit your fire fighting career immeadiatly if you really feel this way because you do not possess the heart & soul to really do this job!

    In encouraging or participating in such actions the perpetrator becomes no better than the terrorist they claim to dispise. It is the attacking of innocents in the name of a misinterperted cause. It will be up to our law enforcement to root out & bring to justice those who may be in this country to do evil, not some roving halfwit making instant spot dicisions based on a person's appearance, skin tone or religion. In behaving in such a manor the peratrator does exactly what the terrorist wants, they create division, decention, & disruption in our nation & resolve. We as public servants charged with the protection of the public should be speaking out loudly against this type of redneck halfwitted behavior.

    Some people of Arabic/Mideastern desent who are citizens of the U.S. are here because they fled or despise the oppressive regimes in power where they came from. Others are here because they value our & now theirs too, country's democracy & freedoms as well as its free enterprize. Some people singled out for this bigoted harassment only have the appearance of being from the mideast, when in fact they are not, which exposes just how narrow minded & ignorant such behavior is.

    Our Brethern in NYC did not lose their lives fighting to save those they had sworn to protect only to be used for some bigot's excuse to go on some self rightous muslim bashing session! They lost their lives fighting to save & protect everyone in the WTC areaS' lives, regardless of their ethnic background. Are you angry? Well so am I! Are you hurt by this attack? Well so am I! Are you looking for some one to hold accountable for this travesty? Well so am I! Are you willing to sell out this county's princapals, laws, unity, resolve, your sworn duty to protect & serve to satisfy your need for some form of retribution? Well I am NOT! That means they win.

    The best thing to do right now is to support our President, our military & the various law enforcement agencies as they carry out this coming war. Never forget what you felt & feel now, even 4,5,or 6 years down the road when this war is still going on. Maintain the resolve to support Our President, the military, & the law enforcement agencies as they continue to fight this war! Do your part by not falling prey to the fear & desention the terrorist wanted to create. Do your part by speaking out in support of the war efforts. Do your part in speaking out against bigotry, & hate directed at our innocent U.S. citizens! Get ready & keep yourself in peak response condition, as this war goes on there will be in all probability more attacks & we will have to step in again to fight to save the victims. We are going to be a major part of this nations first responing units to other attacks.

    I'll end in saying we the in Fire Service should now also be reaching out to help those innocent citizens who have already suffered unjustified bigotted attacks. We need to SPEAK OUT NOWagainst such wrongful persiqution!

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    I agree. Just because someone is Muslim doesn't mean they are a terrorist. When kids are afraid to go to school because of their religion, there is a problem. The guys that did this tried to blend in. Do you really think they would draw attention to themselves by wearing the ceremonial clothing? This has happened to our country before with the Japanese internment camps. Looking at it now it was flat out wrong. However back then fear dictated that drastic action.

    If we attack people because of their beliefs or clothing style we are no better than Bin Laden himself. He attacks us for our freedoms, financial stature, and military strength. It's his goal to divide this nation and have Muslims feel persecuted by the United States. That way he can gain the support of the millions of Muslims worldwide. Don't give in to him. Fight against bigotry and hatred in the US.

    Do I want Bin Laden's head on a platter? Yes. But he is not in this country and he is a confirmed terrorist. I think there is a difference. We must stand together as Americans.

    We must remember those who lost their lives in this horrible tragedy. They did not consider the race, color, or creed of the victims they rushed to help. They were just people in need.

    Stay safe out there everyone!

    [ 09-22-2001: Message edited by: NY Smokey ]

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

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      Here! Here! Agreed


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        Very well said, brothers.

        If we attack another citizen only because of their ethnic orgins, or the nation from where they came, then we are no better than our enemy.


        "The only difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits".-Albert Einstien

        "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"-Milton Berle


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          Well said.

          A person who attacks an inocent person is no better than the terrorists who attacked our country.

          Alan Romania, CEP
          God bless America and those who stand with us
          God have mercy on those who stand against us.


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            I totally agree with all of you, let's not tarnish the memory of those who died in this by going against what the USA is about!
            Susan Lounsbury
            Winston-Salem Rescue Squad
            Griffith Volunteer FD


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              Well said. This country was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We need to stand together as "AMERICANS" and not be biased or prejudiced against our fellow "AMERICANS". This country is an ethnic mix of a lot of ancestries. Let's not forget who we are and what we stand for. We imprisoned "Japanese-Americans" at the onset of World War II and have paid retribution for that mistake. We have placed the "Native Americans" on reservations. We cannot at this time be divided as a nation. We are "AMERICANS". Let's show the world that we are the best!!!!!


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