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Face Shields vs Eye Shields

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  • Face Shields vs Eye Shields

    I was curious as to what percentge of the FFs out there preferred the Flip-Down Shields vs (Vorks)Flip down eye pieces. I hated having to wear a flip-dowm shield. And now since I have had the luxury of flip-down eye pieces, I really hate them. If you have some comparisons, one vs the other. I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I've worn both faceshields and "Bourke Eye shields"
    Depending on your point of view...they are as Effective or INeffective as the other. Personally my preference would be the bourkes and here is why.

    -I've never seen a set of bourkes break, melt or deform at a fire. Seen plenty of facesheilds however, do so.
    -Bourkes sit closer to the face providing a smaller angle of approach for debris to get past.

    BUT Neither are fool proof.
    I have gotten "stuff" in my eyes wearing both.

    I say if you like faceshields wear them; if you like bourkes...wear them then...they are part of YOUR PPE (Personal Protective Equip) not your officers not your chiefs, YOU, more than anyone else knows what will protect you and make you a contributing member of your company.

    So make a personal decision(If allowed) and do what helps you do YOUR job better.

    Two cents from a fireman.


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      I have Bourkes (flip down eye shields) on my helmet and like the "traditional" look. The Bourkes aren't NFPA compliant so to get around that I carry goggles in my gear. If it's an extrication or something where I could get a foreign object in my eye, the goggles will go on. You only get one set of eyes last I knew Protect them!

      Stay safe out there everyone!

      Never Forget 9-11-2001

      Stay safe out there!

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        I've had both. I prefer the Bourke's. My current helmet has a shield (a Sam Houston). I am going to put bourkes and a pair of goggles on it.
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          Same as NY Smokey, Bourkes mounted on helmet to keep sh*t out of my eyes and face from above, ESS Goggle clips mounted on helmet, goggles kept in pants pocket after melting one pair in a fire. If extrication / overhaul ..etc, whip em out, slap em on, no problem.


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            We have recently dealt with the state labor board reguarding our Bourke Eye shields.
            After a bit of finger pointing and first the removal of them from our helmets then the being returned, we have the following guidlines.
            They are not eye or face protection, they are only considered ornamental. When we work on items that are below our face we need to use eye protection. Anything at face level or above needs full face protection, they will accept a scott mask as full face protection.
            BTW I have never melted a face shield on a helmet, (since I have never worn a helmet with one however I have distorted and melted Bourke's.

            I personally prefer the bourkes on the helmet for both tradition and keeping the rain/snow etc off your face.


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              I am going to predict that BucksE91 believes this post is innappropriate and you should be ashamed of yourself.

              Or is it OK to talk about Bourke eye shields and leather helmets, but not tv ratings of historical events?

              I don't think I'll ever get this right.


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