I am not a firefighter, I am a Ldy that lives in Nevada and if not for my volunteer EMT'S and Fire Dept's I would not be here to post this message! I have sat glued to my TV watching in awe as you have pulled people,body parts,rubble and anything else that gets in your way and removed it to get at anybody that is still alive! You have never given up hope, I have seen the tears stream down your faces when pulling out one of your own, I have seen you drape the Flage of this great country over their broken bodies! When God created Firefighters He kissed them on the cheek knowing how special they would be!!!!! My heart aches along with all of you, your Brotherhood along with the Police is very unique, for without your *family* how would you make it through this terrible time?????? I just hope in these few words that I can relate to you what it has meant to me to see and know all that you have done, are doing and will continue to do in the future! May God Bless All of You and keep you safely in his arms till He returns you to your families and safety! For those that have not returned, I know you watch and protect those who are still working at *ground zero*. You will always have my respect and love forever!

Thank You!