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  • You'll love this one...

    Last week, members of my volunteer company got the nod from a local politico if we wanted to go to NYC to help in the operations at Ground Zero, so Friday night, 11 of us, including myself, drove north to volunteer our services.

    We worked all weekend in support ops - mainly keeping the guys on the hill well-supplied with the things they needed - respirators, gloves, goggles, etc.

    We came back and received heartfelt thanks from friends, relatives and others for doing what we could. Firefighters from elsewhere got resounding welcomes not only from the aforementions, but also from local government officials, as well. Instead, our deeds earned us a storm of controversey within the township, and a flat "No" from the previously cited politico when asked if we had his support!

    You may not like the individuals, but to deny support for helping others even after we got our job accomplished?!?! At no time was our district left unprotected in terms of manpower or apparatus. Try to figure this one out!

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    Hey, stay safe.

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    politics!!!!! you gotta love em.....


    Great job ladies and gentlemen....I wish I could have gone with you!
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      Steve, kinda reminds me of the old joke...

      How can you tell a politician is lying?

      His lips are moving! LOL

      And for those others out there concerned that he may have left HIS area unprotected! NOOOO!!!!! It wasn't!

      And I didn't get to give my own thanks to you guys when you came back and ran the stand-by for us! So, thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

      Mike Katz
      Edge Hill Fire Co.
      Montco Sta. #400


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        first I want to say all politions suck...

        but your team did not follow proper chain of command... If FDNY needed help they just would have pickup the phone and got it...

        What you did we call freelancing and is frond opon in the fire service...

        Your Fire Dept. and the rest of the fd in the usa are on high alert... where are you and your buddy's

        Yes, Accept for the three firefighters from MIami we all wanted to help...

        say in town raise money to help your brothers in battle...


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          Thanks Firekatz04. Anytime.
          Hey, stay safe.


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            'THANK YOU !!!!" FOR HELPING "OUR " BROTHERS.Forget that politition.You did what your heart told you was right!Isn't that what a fireman is all about?


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