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Memorial Sunday - Yankee Stadium

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  • Memorial Sunday - Yankee Stadium


    I am going to try to attend the memorial service at Yankee Stadium Sunday. As I understand all the seats will be needed for family, friends, and FDNY I am wondering what if any arrangements for those outside the stadium have been made. Anybody know where to get the details? Thanks

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    I am saddened....

    The families and friends of the fallen brothers and sisters in the NYFD need to pay tribute.....to their loved ones.

    But...we as brothers and sisters also need to pay tribute. The Mayor has planned and announced this service at the last minute to keep us away and will only let people in with tickets. This is a slap in the face to all the brother and sister firefighters around the world that want to pay tribute and attend. No one can make plans with only a couple days notice to travel..especially those of us that have to travel by flying.... What gives????? The outpouring of sympathy support and donations from around the world has been remarkable...Now the mayor who has done so well is locking out those of us who also care with these last minute plans.

    Thje ceremony has been announced and canceled so many times no one was sure of anything.
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      Hold on, Cap ~

      E229Lt explained it on the topic you started:

      "There will be 5 seperate ceremonies in the different boroughs and Yankee stadium is the Bronx location.

      These are not FDNY ceremonies. I am sure when all is said and done and we have accounted for all our loses, there will be a department memorial service."
      Link back to: Post with E229Lt's comments.

      I am certain that after Fire, EMS and Police Victim recovery has ended, the FDNY will plan and hopefully announce ahead of time, a Memorial Service befitting the Fallen. I'd hope that the FDNY already knows that a LOT of Fire and Emergency Services folks, from all over the world, want to attend The Service. I'll bet the FDNY lets us know in time and will make us all welcome.

      Possibly those of us from outside the City of New York should hold back this Sunday and allow the residents to grieve "in private"?
      /s/ Phred1 from Ohio


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        Firefighters Encouraged to Stay Out of New York; Memorial Service for Family, Those Tied to WTC Tragedy Only

        Firehouse.com News

        This weekend's Memorial Service is NOT specifically for firefighters and emergency responders but for all victims.

        The IAFF, FDNY and the Mayor's Office have advised that firefighters from outside the area who are not directly family members and close friends, should make NO ATTEMPT TO COME TO NEW YORK CITY. That is a direct statement.

        Any such announcement will be posted on Firehouse.com once there is a memorial service. Again, we plead to stay in your communities and protect your citizens. The FDNY thanks everyone for their outpouring of support, but do not make plans to come to New York City at this time for any reason.

        New York's mayor said Wednesday that a weekend memorial honoring all victims of the 9-11 tragedy will be held at Yankee Stadium.

        Authorities had said that a service planned for Central Park, once expected to draw a million mourners, would not take place. But Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told an afternoon news conference that there would be a memorial at the stadium in the city borough of the Bronx at 3 p.m. Sunday.

        Admission will be by ticket only; there should be room for around 60,000 mourners, in a city of 8 million that is entirely in mourning. Security concerns shelved the Central Park event, the mayor said.

        Spokesmen for FDNY and the NYC Office of Emergency Management have stated that tickets to the Yankee Stadium Memorial Service this weekend are available only to the victim family members and those businesses effected by the terrorist attack. No tickets are being distributed to the public and a ticket is necessary to attend the memorial.


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          Just pushing this important info up to the top of the list.
          /s/ Phred1 from Ohio


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            Don't get so upset!! And don't go to NY. The families of those killed SHOULD come first. You are right we need to pay respects too, but we will be able to. There will be probably over 100,000 firefighters alone from across the world that will come to NYC for a memorial. Don't you think numbers that high are a lot for the city to handle right now. There is already an enormous amount of rescue crews there. Let them get a little settled before they give a mass memorial. I am sure that FDNY wants to allow their grieving brothers and sisters to come so my advice is just sit tight.


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