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A poem I wrote for all of you

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  • A poem I wrote for all of you

    Hello.....I am in Texas so I couldn't actually go down and "help" in person. I thought that maybe, in some way, shape, or form, that this would help express the way I feel as well as how much I appreciate those who gave their lives for us. I truely believe that. Anyways...here goes
    The Call

    As I woke that morning
    Like I do every day,
    I kissed my wife hello
    Then went on my way.

    I made my way downstairs
    To my children's room,
    I kissed them both, and held them tight,
    Just like I always do.

    Time to head for the Station
    The one I call the Best,
    It is my time to relieve those
    Who have worked hard and had no rest.

    We sat and watched the morning news
    A ritual around here,
    And to our utter disbelief
    What we saw, was our Biggest fear.

    An airplane hit the Tower?
    Now you're saying Two?
    How can this be?
    I can't believe someone would do this, but who?

    We all were called to the scene
    It was already a 5 alarm,
    It was our job to rescue those
    And get them far from harm.

    We never had a second thought
    about running in those towers,
    More and more of my Brothers came
    We had no idea that we had just one hour.

    We climbed the stairs floor by floor
    Smoke quickly filling the air,
    Some of the people needed us
    We could hear in their despair.

    The flames, the smell, the fear we saw
    It was like nothing we saw before,
    Yet we kept on climbing up
    Surely there were more.

    As we helped and rescued those
    Who were shocked with disbelief,
    The tower came down on top of us
    We couldn't rise to our feet.

    We were just doing our jobs we say
    It is true till this day,
    If We had it to do again,
    Hell yeah is what we would say!

    So to those forces that took our life
    I say this to you straight,
    You may have taken us away
    But beware of your soon coming Fate.

    You see we are just people too
    Americans standing proud.
    We may be gone but look around
    There are millions of us in the crowds.

    We stand there proudly straight and tall
    Holding our flags so high.
    Tears come down because we know
    Those lost didn't get to say good-bye.

    They call us the finest of policemen
    But we were just doing our work.
    The bravest of Firefighters are what we are called
    And we are all from New York.

    Hold my wife, pray for her
    The healing will take time.
    Please hug my kids for me again,
    Tell them I am doing just fine.

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    Very nice poem Jen. Thank you for your effort. Maybe someone could pass this on to a FDNY and NYPD member.

    Stay safe out there everyone!

    Never Forget 9-11-2001

    Stay safe out there!

    IACOJ Member


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      [QUOTE]Originally posted by NY Smokey:
      [QB]Very nice poem Jen. Thank you for your effort. Maybe someone could pass this on to a FDNY and NYPD member.

      Oh I hope some FDNY or NYPD get to read this, just to let them know how special they are to all of us )


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