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Stealing Fire Apparatus

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  • Stealing Fire Apparatus

    The firefighters in my county were recently put on alert because terrorists have threatened to steal the fire apparatus for whatever reason. When I asked about it I was told it was a nation wide threat. Have any of you been told the same?
    When the defecation hits the oscillation I'll be there.

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    The warning is true. It started out as being a credible threat, but has since been updated saying the FBI was provided with some inaccurate information. The threat is still possible.


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      Actually, the news this morning (MSNBC I think it was) talked about this...and guess what...they said it was false.
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        True or false....Does it matter? Keep an eye on your stuff. I wouldn't put it past these low lifes.

        Stay safe everyone!

        Never Forget 9-11-2001

        Stay safe out there!

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          The following is an excerpt from an email I received today from the American Ambulance Association. The contents were also verified by a friend of mine on the local PD, there IS a warning out from the FBI to watch all apparatus....

          ----- Original Message -----
          From: Steve Haracznak
          To: [email protected]
          Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 4:15 PM
          Subject: 9/17/01 Disaster Update for AAA Members

          TO: AAA Members:

          RE: 9/17/01 Disaster Update for AAA Members

          Terrorist Warnings to Ambulance Providers

          The AAA office has received reports of a Department of Defense (DOD) warning that all emergency personnel should use caution when not in their units or other emergency vehicles. It has been reported that the DOD has evidence that incendiary devices have been placed in unattended emergency vehicles.

          In addition, a reported alert from the Naval Counter Intelligence Service (NCIS) states that suspected terrorists may be looking to steal fire department and EMS vehicles to be used as possible car bombs against military installations across the country.

          Thus, the AAA urges its members to use caution and make sure that your ambulance units are locked at all times. The units should be locked both while on scene or at operations, unless the units are attended by other verified emergency personnel.

          ----- End Message -----

          This is credible enough to make me be extra careful.

          Stay safe all.

          God Bless America!
          Stay safe all.


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            We have been told the same, we have quite a few new regs and security procedures that has come from it.


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              WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI issued a warning to firefighters across the country Tuesday that terrorists could hijack their trucks and use them as bombs.

              The FBI warning said fire and emergency services vehicles could be stolen by terrorist groups and turned into rolling bombs aimed at military bases or other government installations.

              The FBI asked fire departments to review the security of their stations and vehicles. If a vehicle is stolen, stations were asked to immediately notify the FBI.

              The FBI did not say there was any specific and credible threat that caused it to issue the warning.

              One official said the FBI is exercising "an abundance of caution" and is passing on all information it is gleaning from interviews and tips, "regardless of the reliability of the source."

              Some firefighters told CNN their vehicles -- even those carrying patients -- have been stopped and searched upon entering medical facilities.

              The warning came through the National Volunteer Fire Council and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.


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                Just got this from Firefighting.com News:

                FBI Warning to Fire and Emergency Services Organizations

                We have been advised by the FBI Press Office to pass the following warning
                to members of fire and emergency services. This information is known by the
                FBI and is being treated with respect but is not yet confirmed:

                Fire and emergency services vehicles are subject to theft by terrorist
                groups to turn them into rolling bomb units destined for military
                installations or other locations. The FBI has asked the fire service to
                review the security of stations and vehicles. If a vehicle is stolen,
                immediately notify the FBI.

                There has been one reported instance of an attempt to steal an emergency
                vehicle in the state of New York.

                Please make all fire and life safety employees aware of this possible

                For contact information on the FBI Field Office nearest you, follow this

                Pat West
                Content Director
                2110 Eason Dr.
                Clayton, N.C. 27520
                Telephone: (919) 550-1053
                E-mail: [email protected]
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                  We have recieved the same notices in Ohio. We actualy got a fax from the fire marshals office. All I have to say is if someonw trys to come in our fire house and steal our truck they might have their hands full.

                  Captain, James Woda


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                    Well this rumor didn't take long to get retracted. Here is the link.

                    Still doesnt mean we can let our guard down.
                    My comments posted here do not reflect the views of my department.


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                      True or not there are many rumors going around. These rumors are expected when something like this happens. Just don't let it affect the job were are out to do...
                      Keep Safe!


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                        Rumor or not if these creeps can HiJack Jets whats to say Emergency Vehicles wont be next on there list. Better to be safe than sorry. I certainly wouldn't want someone stealing a unit from my station. So the point is to be on guard. Let's not make our vehicles a easy target for teroists.


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