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What safety measures are you doing?

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  • What safety measures are you doing?

    Our department has set out a few guidlines for us to follow in the wake of the attack. I'd like to share a few of them and maybe give ideas to other firefighters since this is something that we don't necessarily make pre-plans on. Please share some things that you and your department are doing. It might give ideas on how to minimize the effects or terrorist attacks on out home towns.

    1. We do not leave any FD vehicle unattended. That means that out morning run to the grocery store will be one person short. We do not folow this on runs, just for normal day to day chores that require us to leave the medics and engins unattended. We have been told that terrorists could steal ambulances and engines in an attempt to get closer to potential targets.

    2. Close the bay doors. We do this (when the door closer button thing works) on most of our calls already.

    3. Be aware that some Americans will lash out and commit hate crimes against people they think look like terrorists. Be aware that helping an injured victim of a hate crime might anger tha attacker enough to bring harm to the rescue worker. Don't hesitate to call for police backup.

    So far this is about all we have as far as new policy goes. We have also been told to conduct more indepth sceen size ups and be aware. Which goes without saying. My station is in the direct flight path of DFW airport, I saw my station from the air last month when I was returning from Vegas (which on a side note is alot of fun). So I'm watching the sky alot more than usual. Please contribute any ideas that either you or your department has thought of. It might spark a new idea or impliment a new protocol that could save a few lives. Be safe and keep your heads up. We may have lost alot of brothers and sisters but as long as the fire service lives on, so will they.
    My comments posted here do not reflect the views of my department.

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    We have been told to take the same kind of measures that you listed plus some on top of that.


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      Anyone that is planning on getting new apparatus ordered/delivered in the upcoming months may want to consider having some sort of anti-theft device installed. An ambulance corps near me has a kill switch that is hidden. Step on the brake and the thing won't budge. These are things we probably should have had all along but now it's become a necessity.

      Stay safe out there everyone!

      Never Forget 9-11-2001

      Stay safe out there!

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        We were told the same things to do... but after reading some more recent information about some of the stories being false... I think that a little paranoia has set in. We are being a little more cautious now, but this is nothing new to us. We had brothers killed in Memphis just a few years ago in an ambush, and we have been told to be careful since then. This is just another reminder that we deal with crazy people in a crazy world. Just use common sense and don't freak out over the "latest" "FBI" wire that you get in your e-mail.
        stolen firetrucks and ambulances are nothing new. It happens many times a year, just now it is getting more hype with it.

        just my own personal thoughts on it.
        Be safe brothers


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          Security Is A Must...

          I Live in a small town in Florida 4500 pop. I felt safe. the average house cost 250 to 300 K, a upper middle class area on the beach

          Till this week there were 3 of the WTC bommers lived for a short time. they shopped at the same stores as myself and family, eat at same resterants. ect.

          Nobody knew anything,

          Our Station is less than 200 feet from one of there house's an the other 2 are no more than 1 block away. on same steet. as our station..

          And you don't to be a rocket sincetest to tell when we have a call. (the siren on roof will wake up the town)

          WE have made a lot of security change's this week... like securty system CCTV new locks for now are getting a key card system soon. Nobody but officeers and some drivers have keys to station. The local PD resounds to station and locks doors when we leave on calls. we are geting automatic door closer's soon...Inventory on all bunker gear daily and after every call...

          It's so hard to believe that these ashholes lived so close to me and my family, I moved from NY to get away from this.



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            Well this rumor didn't take long to get retracted. Here is the link.

            Still doesnt mean we can let our guard down.
            My comments posted here do not reflect the views of my department.


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