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To those who were taken

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  • To those who were taken

    I am a paramedic from Australia and am still having some difficulty coming to terms with what happened over there. There are no words I can think of so I penned the following verse on the day it happened.

    To Those Who Were Taken

    The touch of the breeze, the smell of the trees.
    The feeling of sunshine so soft on your face.
    The black silhouttes of trees in a sunset, the smiles on the faces of people just met.
    The laughter of children - daughters and sons, No place in your life for explosions and guns.
    Freedom is tested, innocence destroyed, The guts of a nation torn out and deployed.

    Concrete faces in front of TV's, sit in stunned disbelief of what they can see.
    The numbing sensations, how do we feel ?
    How many died amidst concrete and steel.
    A terrorist action so cold and precise, reminds us that freedom is tagged with a price.
    The stories go on the movies replayed,
    We still sit and watch, stone faced and dismayed.

    People like us, died, trying to save, the maimed and the injured from dark smoky caves.
    Black and white faces united by dust, Will work through the nights barely breaking the crust.
    Emotional deaths will follow like fire,
    Engulfing those left with the question of Why ?

    I hope where you are there are breezes and trees and the sunsets magnificent forever to see.
    Our thoughts are all with you the lost and alone.
    You were taken too early from families and homes.

    Lee Kuskopf
    Intensive Care Paramedic
    Queensland Ambulance Service - Australia

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