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Is America going to be nuked now??

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    We have terrorist cells here in America????????
    Yes. And we've had saboteurs operating (not very effectively) here in World War I and II. They're greatest enemy is vigilance -- not violation of civil rights, but simply being on guard.

    And they are going to steal fire trucks and EMS rigs???
    OK, they stole an airplane. Do you think they'd hesitate to steal a fire truck if they thought they could use?

    Day to day security we should be using on our trucks is the best thing we could do to thwart such actions. For the last several years our Ambulances have had anti-theft devices (driver leaves rig running, takes key with him into the hospital. Don't put key in the ignition but step on the brake to shift out of PARK, the engine shuts down.) Not for terrorists, but to keep a pysch patient running out of the ER, or anyone else, from driving off with our ambulance.

    My department also protects a State Correctional Institute...without going into any details, yes we have specific actions and procedures we do anytime we go inside the doors or inside the fence line to protect our equipment from theft. Last thing you want is an inmate with a pair of paramedic shears or a halligan bar we can't account for. Think about how you can protect your equipment if it has to be left unattended.

    I'm sure many of you by now have figured out I really disagree with a lot of the self-dispatching and hunting around to find a security check point that would allow you in that occured and probably is still occuring in NYC. Think of how much damage a stolen firetruck, turned into a truckbomb, would've done if it was driven in as a secondary explosive after the collapse? We've already taken out the first string of FDNY's command staff...here goes the second string. For that matter, even a backpack bomb or god forbid a backpack (they're not really "briefcase" nukes -- they weigh at least 50lbs) nuke would've done. So don't get surprised if your asked as your rushing in without being officially called "Who the hell are you, and what the f*ck are you doing here?" which is just what the challenge should be. The terrorists aren't after strategic or tactical targets but shock value...don't hand them an oppurtonity on a silver platter to take out another thousand or more rescuers.

    What on earth are they planning to do?
    Attempt to demoralize the U.S. They don't know us very well, do they??? But they'll continue trying.

    They aren't going to kill firefighters now are they??
    Um, they already have killed 300+.

    We don't have to be scared, but we do have to remember what every TV District Attorney looks for -- Means, Motive, and Oppurtonity. We can't do much in the short term on motive -- that's a political complex issue to deal with diplomatically and economically in the middle east. Means we can secure, and Oppurtonity we can deny by vigilance.
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      Firetrucks present an interesting perspective, from their "access". How many times in a movie have you seen a perp 1) impersonate a cop or 2) steal a police car.

      Also scary (and quite plausible) is stealing a big rig full of hazmat (gasoline?) and rigging it to blow. Wouldn't even take much.

      Point is, there are a million ways that a terrorist could attack us. This is why some people scoff at the increased "airport security" measures and talk of tapping phones and such.

      It all comes back to the "neighborhood watch" concept. The cops can't be everywhere, and the best protection is due vigilance. IE, we need to watch each other's backs, and report ANY unusual activity.


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        Dalmation, Mongo, RJE,
        Guys some great post. I think a key thing here is to prepare and to prepare more. We are the hunters and the hunted now. A few terrorist attack can demoralilize us really bad if we let it. This is one thing that will not go away. I believe that we will have these problem from now on. One thing that we must guard against is becoming complacent and letting our guard down. We will always be the first called. I must also say that we need to be ever watchful and alertful of whoever we come in contact with.
        I think good watch woords for emergency services people are "Always Alert and Ready"
        Thanks for letting me spout off. Pray for American


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          WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI issued a warning to firefighters across the country Tuesday that terrorists could hijack their trucks and use them as bombs.

          The FBI warning said fire and emergency services vehicles could be stolen by terrorist groups and turned into rolling bombs aimed at military bases or other government installations.

          The FBI asked fire departments to review the security of their stations and vehicles. If a vehicle is stolen, stations were asked to immediately notify the FBI.

          The FBI did not say there was any specific and credible threat that caused it to issue the warning.

          One official said the FBI is exercising "an abundance of caution" and is passing on all information it is gleaning from interviews and tips, "regardless of the reliability of the source."

          Some firefighters told CNN their vehicles -- even those carrying patients -- have been stopped and searched upon entering medical facilities.

          The warning came through the National Volunteer Fire Council and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.


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